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f^irm>^i:^'i'^U'<^^^:riM H -^j 




SeeniGd So Good 

Cla^s m 2007 



r . ■ 

y. * I 

• If' 




Vi(/V /'^■■^A 

The ^ 

Wilmington High School 

159 Church Street 
Wilmington, Massachusetts 


to the Class of 2007 

Welcome to the end of a short journey and the beginning of the long road 
ahead. As we stated at the beginning of each year, "It will be over before 
you know it". Well folks, this part is over. Fortunately, the great door of life 
is the next to open for you and your friends. I have counted on you to make 
Wilmington High School a great place and you have done more than meet 
my expectations. 

Recently, I read the book "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen E. Abrose. It 
is the remarkable story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Most amazing 
were the risks that they and the members of their party took to find a way 
across the unknown areas of the Western US in the name of building this 
great Nation. I compare their trip to your most recent expedition in many 
ways. Since you entered school, you took risks, explored and learned about 
things you may never have known existed. In the same way Lewis and 
Clark worked, you did it alone and with others, but because you knew that 
somewhere out there lays the road for you to travel towards a successful 
fumre. You willingly accepted the challenge and were able to apply all you 
learned along the way. You may have also created change for others within 
the wake you left. 

Each class that passes through WHS makes me wonder if I have been able 
to teach you anything at all. I'm not sure, but I know that all of the great 
people you have encountered along your journey have helped you to take 
greater steps into the fumre with less fear and more knowledge. 

Remember the friends you have made along the way and the family mem- 
bers who believed in you. No matter your next step, you will always have 
your friends and family. Make sure you take the time to tell them that you 
love them as they will always be there for you to pick you up, push you 
along and point you in the right direction. You also have in your future the 
possibility to come back to Wilmington and join the fabric of the communi- 
ty as a resident or business person. Take this responsibility seriously as the 
strength of the community requires the very best of all you can give. 

I am proud of all of you. I look forward to all you have before you. I 
wonder what impact you will have in the world and hope that the things we 
in the Wilmington Public Schools have taught you help to make all your 
dreams possible. 

Best of luck!! 
Mr. Tracy 

Dedication Page 4 

Class History 5 

Senior Portraits and Messages 6 

Retiring Faculty 54 

Superlatives 56 

Junior Prom 62 

Homecoming 2006 64 

Spirit Week 66 

Mr. and Ms. WHS 76 

Faculty Portraits 78 

Underclass Portraits 84 

Varsity Sports , 104 

Clubs 123 

Senior Baby Photos 134 

Candids and Parent Ads 136 

Credits 160 

Table o£ Contents 


Wilmington High School's 2007 Hourglass Yearbook is proudly dedicated to 



s. Sarah Cosman 

While teachers try their hardest to never miss 
school, it is important for them to know that their 
students will be well-looked after in their absence. 
Here at Wilmington High School, a teacher al- 
ways knows students will be in good hands with 
Mrs. Cosman as their substitute. 

As the first substitute called when a teacher is 
absent, Mrs. Cosman has become an integral 
component to the everyday workings of our high 
school. She could teach a science class one day 
and be a foreign language teacher the next. 

But what makes Mrs. Cosman different from 
other substitute teachers transcends her duties in 
the classroom. Because of her ties to our com- 
munity, her past work as a teacher here at the high 
school and her experiences coaching the cheerleading team in the past, Mrs. Cosman 
has won the hearts of the student body and faculty of WHS. As the school celebrates 
Spirit Week each year (a tradition she helped to initiate), she always joins in the fun 
by dressing the part and encouraging everyone's school spirit. And as for the ru- 
mor that she is responsible for writing the school fight song, she would be the first 
to admit that she had no hand in that, but we are sure that somehow this rumor will 
continue to circulate for years to come. 

Mrs. Cosman, we admire your sense of style and your sense of self. We love your 
presence around the school. We appreciate your insight and your input. We are in 
awe of your school spirit. The Class of 2007 absolutely adores you! Thank you for 
all you have done for us over our past four years here at Wilmington High School. 

Yearbook Dedication 

Class History 

The Class of 2007 has had 
an outstanding four years 
here at Wilmington High 
School. Starting our first year 
with advisors Ms. Jennifer Fidler 
and Ms. Lisa Desberg (now Mrs. 
Lucia), the young freshman class 
elected president Kristi Heffer- 
nan, vice president Dala Leon- 
ard, treasurer Stefanie Williams, 
and secretary Amanda Baker as 
officers, and our journey began. 
Learning to live with the ever- 
changing world around us, we 
adapted ourselves to high school 
and everything that came with it. 
Students began joining clubs and 
sports, working hard, and creating 
.busy lives for themselves. As the 
war in Iraq began to break out, 
students were coping with issues 
here at the high school, especially 
with the sudden death of Justin 
O'Neil in January 2004. While 
our friends and families were 
going off to war, the freshman 
class was being introduced to hall 
passes, school LD cards, and code 
159 drills. 

As President George W. Bush 
was reelected to another term in 
office, a new principal joined us 
here at our high school: Mr. Eric 
Tracy. As we welcomed our new 
principal with open arms and a 
commitment to excellence, the 
class elected Danielle Bamberg 
as president, Christine Cassim as 
vice-president, and Cara Jenkins 
as secretary. Stefanie Williams 
was reelected as treasurer. These 
officers would hold their titles 
throughout our final three years 
at WHS. That fall, the dream 

of every Red Sox fan came 
true when they defeated the St. 
Louis Cardinals to win the World 
Series, and a few months later, 
WHS celebrated again when the 
Patriots won another Super Bowl. 
Tragedy struck when the tsunami 
hit the coast of Indonesia, and 
the world came together to help 
the survivors rebuild. Here at 
WHS, the Class of 2007 did their 
part by creating clubs like the 
Wilmington's Helping Services 
(Club WHS) to aid both the world 
and the local community through 
fund-raisers and innovative com- 
munity service projects. Even 
with all of this on their plates, the 
sophomores were working hard to 
pass all of their classes, as well as 
the dreaded MCAS tests. 

As junior year crept up on us, the 
Class of 2007 began their college 
searches and plans for the future. 
As summer ended. Hurricane 
Katrina hit and left many dead 
or homeless in the bayou region. 
The country pulled together and 
worked hard to bring Louisiana 
back into a safe state. Many 
juniors were now getting driver's 
licenses and had the unfortunate 
opportunity to experience the 
harsh rise in gas prices. Mean- 
while, juniors prepared for PSAT 
and SAT exams. Across the 
world, the war in Iraq was pro- 
gressing slowly and allowed us to 
bring some troops home to their 
families. That April, the Class 
of 2007 held their junior prom at 
the Wakefield Sheraton. Dressed 
in their finest, the guests enjoyed 
an 'old-time Hollywood' prom 

and spent the night dancing and 
having fun. As the year ended, 
the class was left with many great 
memories. With their final high 
school summer vacation ahead 
of them, the Class of 2007 began 
their transition into senior year. 

As we kicked off our final year 
at WHS, the varsity football team 
completed another successful 
season, beating Tewksbury for 
the fourth straight year during 
the Thanksgiving Day game. A 
new Spirit Week tradition was 
bom: a pie-eating contest for the 
team captains during the Blue and 
White Day Pep Rally. The Senior 
Prom was held on May 11, 2007 
at the Langham Hotel in Boston, 
where the students of the Class of 
'007 enjoyed a 'Casino Royale' 
themed night. Between college 
acceptances, final exams, and the 
senior banquet and lock-in, it is 
hard to believe that graduation is 
finally here. 

Now that senior year is coming 
to a close and our four years at 
WHS are almost over, we can see 
how we have grown from young 
freshman into an inspirational, 
close knit class. Having endured 
life and death, destruction and 
growth, the Class of 2007 have 
grown into fine, young adults be- 
cause of our experiences from the 
past four years. Finding strength 
in each other and creating friend- 
ships that will last a lifetime, we 
wish the best of luck to the entire 
Class of 2007. 

Senior Class History 



Brian Abbott 

Kenny Adams 

Good luck to everybody in the 
future. Thanks to all my friends 
and teachers who made high school 
tolerable. Fun times in BFS, wres- 
tling, and football. 2006 Cape Ann 
League Champs #53 





Amanda Jean Baker 

Mom, Lee, Nana, Nicky, Timmy 
& Lindsay~I love you, Thanks 
for everything ! Never forget 
goodtimes with friends, Huppa's, 
Tim's&George's, Dances&Prom, 
football games ^SUPERFANS* 
Danielle-RlP Red Dragon, Summer 
'06, 5.24.06 <3. Good luck to Ev- 
eryone! Ms. Lynch- Always Make 

Danielle Bamberg 

You have brains in your head. You 
have feet in your shoes. You can 
steer yourself any direction you 
choose. You're on your own. And 
you know what you know. And you 
are the guy who'll decide where to 
go. - Dr. Seuss Family & Friends, I 
Love you & Thank you - As:Lylas 
'07 <3 

Katie Arsenault 

"Wherever you go, go with all your 
heart." Thank you to everyone for 
making my high school career what 

it was. 

Krysten Ann Augello 

Mom, Dad & Nana - Thank you 
for all your support. Alyssa-you're 
my role model, sister & best friend- 
Thank you for always being there. 
Michelle-My best. I love you !<3 & 
to the Class of '07~CONGRATS & 
GOOD LUCK! "Never underesti- 
mate who you are & what you can 
do, you only lose by holding back" 

Chris Az&vedo 

The last 4 years have been awesome 
but they wouldn't have been pos- 
sible without my family and friends. 
Good times during Spirit Week and 
with the soccer team. #9 Good luck 

Nicholas Barrasso 

Nick, B-RAM 
"Life moves pretty fast. If you 
don't stop and look around once in 
a while, you could miss it." Good 
times: Mad Libs, Legends of the 
Hidden Temple Day, Dunkies, and 
creating the 8: { 1. 1 wish everyone 
good luck and hope to see you all in 
the future. 

Michael Barry 

I'm a man w/ a fast hand; Lovin' 
on a last stand; Thanx to everyone. 
Thanx to my good friends, you 
know who you are; BRUG; special 
thanks to my FB friends ! 4 years 
in a row! A world of advice: The 
sandbar ALWAYS WINS ! ! ! Peace, 
I'm OUT! 

Rich Barry 

Holla to the boys and ladies. Hup- 
pa's Garage Hansons Fiestas, TK's. 
Football CAL Champs '04 '06. Ten- 
nis, Chimis, Beachin it. H.H. RMA. 
"The-Family" Love you Mom & 
Jess. <3 KAT. You just gotta keep on 
livin', man. L-I-V-I-N. 


Michael BartleU 

Mike, Bartsky, Bartleby 
Thanks to all those who made the 
past 4 years bearable, and to those 
who challenged me. It's been a trip. 
Peace, Wilmington High. 

(Steven Beek 

Seek, Seeker 
Demos 4 Years ! ! ! Fun times in 
Junior and Senior Years ! Shout out 
and everyone else I forgot. Going 
to miss you people but I wish you 
all the best and hope to see you after 
graduation. DEMOS!!! 



Kara Berg 

Ka, Berg a 
We waited 12 years for this day to 
come, and now that we're here it's 
hard to say goodbye. The good- 
times we've had are unforgettable. 
Thanks to my friends & family, I 
could not have done it without you. 
I wish everyone the best of luck in 
all you do. It's been fun! 

Sean Bernardo 




Jesse Belding 

Deuce, Pain Train 
Great times that will not forgot- 
ten: Soccer, Basketball, Track, and 


Good luck to everyone. 

Greg Bell 

Band, Playwriting, Hard Candy, 
D&D. I don't speak the Spanish. 
The 4° Club. So'syourface. 

Erika. Belsky 

E.Biz, Belsk, Bob ski 
Never regret. If it's good, it's won- 
derful. If it's bad, it's experience. 

-Thank you to my family for always 
being there. Thanks to my friends 
for making so many unforgettable 
memories, I LOVE you guys ! Jason 
I love you so much :-* <3 <3 

Jon Bishop 

Johnny B, JB, Johnny, Voice 
Hey to all my friends! You know 
who you are. Great times in high 
school guys. SHNERP! Mad Libs, 
SILVER SNAKES, Laser Quest, 
Halo, Hanging Out, Sports (bball, 
football) football games, and so 
much more. I just want to say thanks 
to my mom & dad & family and 
teachers. Good Luck! 

Hannah Blaisdell 

To my real friends: these four years 
would have been nothing without 
you. Especially Stef, since first 
grade, always laughing about the 
stupidest things. You know what I 
mean. And Eric, I love you, thank 
you for everything. Good luck to 
everyone next year! 

Joshua Bodah 

Live for today, hope for tomorrow 

. .* 



-. i '.^ 



■' ■ \ 


• >r. - ' 



- "■*' • 


Kyle Borseii 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Lyndsey, Evan 
- 1 love you guys ! Good times at 
Hupper's TK's, Hanson's, An- 
thony's w/ the "family" Always 
remember WWR '05, '06 beachin 
it, RMA crew. WHS Football CAL 
Champs '04, '06 4-0 on Thanksgiv- 
ing <3 AB 

George Boudreau 

Thanks to Mom, Chief, Jerene and 
Celine - You've always been there 
for me, Love Yah. To all my friends 
Good times in Hockey '04- '07 and 
Lax. Chillin at Huppas, Barry s and 
Khims. "Family '07" 

BriBLiine Marie BozzeJla 


Mom,Dad,Mike,Jesse-Love you. 
AV-my other half. Friends-unforget- 
table times. Remember: Soccer CAL 
Champs '04, Bball, Track, Dance, 
Fball games. Proms, rallies, college 
trips, cruisin (C&C), Huppas, TKs, 
jorges, Aucys, New Years '05, sum- 
mers. Cape, PPuff, LOX, us, SN* 
Class of '07-Live Your Dreams<3* 

Shiloh Bramantecohen 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Bran- 
don, Domenic, Cherokee, 
Nokomis&Angela! I love you! 
Beckah-Best friends always - Love 
you! Webbers run the place: ] FH 
loves-KFA!!! Guys&Dolls and 
Wiz=amazing! JC-Let's walk! I 
have the best friends in the world! 
ES-I WIN! "We're breaking free!" 
Good luck '07! 

Scoi± Bransfield 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Caitlyn, & 
Mere. I love you guys the max! 
"The family" - always a good 
time with you guys. Huppas, 
Hansons&Georges-never forget. 
Good times with the lacrosse team. 
"Be a dreamer, if you don't know 
how to dream, you're dead." 

Caitlin Bresnahan 

To my friends - thanks for all the 
memories! Operation Orange, con- 
certs, over-tipping, Boston, work- 
ing at Tufts, fireworks(!!!), Disney, 
b-day hats, the Muppet bend, band 
camp. Grey's Anatomy marathon, 
and so many more! I wish everyone 
the best of luck - it's been fun! 

Alyssa Bradley 

Lyss Bo Byss, Bo Bice 
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 
stop and look around once in a 
while, you could miss it. 

Mitch, cut it out. ::Stop:: 


Nicole Bradlejr 

NB, Bizz, NikkiB, N-Bizzle, BIF 
Crzy days, insane nites. From 
Bestfriends 2 enemies ova stupid 
fites. Laughin in the halls, winnin 
the t-show. Fri nite football games 
& watchin eachotha grow. It will b 
sad 2 c every 1 leave afta all r yrs 
2getha. But let me leave u w/ some- 
thin, good-byes aren't <3forever<3 
Love, NB 

ZaJc Broman 

Much thanks to the teachers and 
friends who kept the inspiration 
coming and the support solid. It's 
been real. 

Astdey Bran o 

Ash, Brun, A.B., Bruno 
Mom, Dad, Paul, Kristen, Lindsay 
- thanks for all your support over the 
years. To all my best girls, we've 
been through it all. 8th grade, wu- 
town boys. I love you guys! HFM<3 
I owe it all to you. Good luck Class 
of '07. "Good Times Never Seemed 
So Good." 



Samanfha Canning 

Mom, Dad, Tyler. Mackenzie 
- thank you for everything & I love 
you... I love my friends. Fd be lost 
w/o you<3 "'In the end you'll always 
have your memories"... never forget: 
huppa's. george's. TK's, Proms, 
soccer girls<3, M. Lynch, 99s... 
always unforgettable<3 Good luck 
Class of 2007... 

Kayla Capachietti 

Kay, Kay B 

Thanx 2 my family for all your sup- 
port. Mom, I love you! FRIENDS<3 
Good Times Never Seemed So 
Good (HuppasJorgesTKsPromSum- 
merGamesRallies) GUG - my best, 
thanx 4 always being there. Ms. 
Lynch - I'm still making LEMON- 
ADE" Good Luck Class of "07! 
The Rest Is Still Unwritten... 

ColliGen Carey 

Colls, Collsiie, Colleenie 
Thanks to all my friends & fam, 
don't know what I'd do w/o you! ! ! 
<3My Roots <3 Love ya to piec- 
es !<3 Chels, my roommate 143 I 
already know your psycho, I don't 
need to date you to find out! LOL 
*Life is not about keeping your 
promises, it is about following your 
heart* ilyr<3 

Erin Carter 

1 love my fab 4! France and Spain, 
Italy, too! SoundScape, choir, and 
musicals. We all had good times 

- made some great memories! Con- 
certs and plays, lots of great memo- 
ries there too. To all my friends, best 
of luck next year and keep in touch 

- love you all! 

Christine Cassim 

Mom. Dad. and Michelle. I love 
you. Thanks for everything. Field 
hockey girlies <3 KFA "Go con- 
fidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you imagine. 

Kevin Patrick Cavanaugh 

Cav, Kevcav 

Thank you Mom, Kelly. Billy, 
Jill. Joe, Andy. Trish, Jeff. Kiistie. 
Allison, Julia, Alyssa, Geoffrey. 
Also, Phil. Stew, Laff, Az, and the 
rest of my friends for always being 
there. Remember football and CAL 
champs #55. Thanksgiving (4-0) 
Good luck to everyone and ha\'e fun 



• t. 

Kayla Cargill 

I want to thank my Mom and Dad 
for always being there for me, my 
friends who I could not live without, 
and my teachers for their support 
and advice along the way. I can't 
believe these four years are over! So 
many great memories with the Class 
of 2007. Good luck everyone! 

Deiidre Carroll 

Mom, Dad & Leigha - 1 love you & 
thank you for everything. Friends 
- couldn't have done it without you. 
Never 4get all the good times we've 
had! Girlfriend<3 FH - so much fun! 
Good Luck! You're only here once, 
so make it count and -Live it up!- 

>>• ' 





Daptmey Chin 

Dajfahknee, Dqff-Dawg 
Thanks to everyone who's been 
there for me! 

EC-7 years & counting! May we 
be friends for 7 more! Tufts, KT's 
car, operation orange, "use your 
words!", Alfred, Kaytilen. . . 

Danielle Chirichiello 

Joyce & Sal thanks for your sup- 
port. To my friends, thanks 4 
always making me laugh&giving 
me a shoulder 2 cry on.Alysha-my 
sister,Katie-my best! "With each 
moment,moment passing by,We'll 
make memories that will last our 
lives"-Class of 07-Never give up on 
your dreams! <33 


^^ ■ ... 

Jonattian Chirichiello 

Class of 2007 Good Luck in the 
future. Don't do anything stupid that 

will mess it up. 

"If you know what you're worth, 
go out and get what you're worth. 
But you gotta be willing to take the 
hits. "-Rocky Balboa. Boston Red 
Sox 2004 World Champs! 

ZachsLTY Church 

Thanks to my Mom, Dad, and 
Mandy. Gunna miss the good times 
with the fellas at Huppas. Khims, 
Georges, TK's, Hansons, Barry's. 
You guys are the best. Bus turn 
around. Gunna miss hockey. Yelling 
at the bball games. Always a good 
time with "The Family" 

Douglas Clifford 

Ryan Clifford 




ZachBLry Nelson Lang 

Jennelle Ciulla 

EmilY Clapp 


Zack, Champ, "Z" 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Amanda 

Thank you Mom Dad Ali for 

for everything you've done for me! 

everything,! love you. Varsity 

WHS Cheerleading ~ I love you 

Hockey and LAX. I will always 

girls, be perfect <3 Good luck next 

remember the great times at Student 

year everybody! Class of '07 

Council, Club WHS, and Mentoring. 

To all my boys, you know who you 

'Don't live down to expectations. 

are. Good Luck to everyone! 

Go out there and do something 



— ^^_B 

Irvin Co 

I want to thank my mom, dad, and 
Ivy for being there. I will never 
forget my friends I have made dur- 
ing these years. I wish everyone 
the best. ~BCM~ You meet 

people who forget you. You forget 
people you meet. But the people you 
can't forget, are you friends. 

Bradley Colegrove 

Brad, B-C, B-RAD 
Hey to all my friends. High school 
has gone by so fast. It' s been a great 
time. I hope to see you all after high 
school. Good luck to all. 

Kerri Convery 

"Live your beliefs, and you can turn 
the world around." Family/friends, 
thank you doesn't even begin to 
cover it. Four years of high school, 
and you think they would have 
taught us how to say goodbye. Class 
of '07, memories <3. "Wherever 
you go, go with all you heart." 


• IT' ' ^ ' 


Thomas Coughlin 

Thank you to my family and my 
teachers for helping me through 
school. It was a fast but great four 
years! I'll remember all the good 
times with friends ! Good luck to the 
Class of '07! 

ShBLnnell Courtois 

Mom Dad Brandon Derek Chuckie 
thank you for everything I Love You 
guys ! My true girls you are amaz- 
ing ily always a good time. Warren 
I Love You Babe don't know what 
I'd do without you. To the class of 
2007 we finally did it! Inseparable 
memories<3 * Good Luck * 


m % i 




Caitlin Crowley 

Fast Cars Cheap Thrills 

Stephen Cruz 

Cruz aka Spanish 
Thanks Mom Dad Jimbo & J. Hup- 
pa's good times&George B's more 
memories than can be remembered. 
All the fellas we had some good 
times that I will remember forever. 
Huppa hope you get through this 
year man. Class 07 good luck 



Meghan Cranford 

Kimiierly Cremens 

"Above all, love each other deeply, 
because love covers over a multi- 
tude of sins." -IPeter 4:8 


Stephen Crcfv^e 

Steve, Titus Age Quad Agis 
For all the great times, great friends 
and help along the way, Thanks. 


Eric Cummings 

There was a man named Eric 
He went to Wilmington High. 
School is over now 
And he must say goodbye 

He knew a cool girl named Hannah 
And had buddies Pat&Ryan 
He has many names 
Like Steller Sea Lion 

Qinamarie D'Amico 

G, GBabez, Gina-Bean, Gina "G" 
SENIORS '07! !! We had a good 4 
years here @ WHS- Best wishes 
in the future :) "I hope you had the 
time of you life." Goodbye 2007! 

Christopher Dancoe 


Brendan DeMango 

Thanks to my Mom and Dad Chris- 
tyne Dave for everything. I'm going 
to miss all the goodtimes Huppa's 
George B's TK's Hanson's Barry's 
Khim's with "The Family" Johnny 
O you know I don't look good 

Cassis Doherty 

Mom, Willy, Aileane and Will 
Thanks for everything, Love you 
always. Best friends I love you guys 
so much-always a good time. To the 
senyaz of '07 goodluck and peace 

Katlyn Duncan 

Katie, KDunks 
Mom and Dad-Thank you for 
everything. Thanks to my friends. 
I couldn't have done it without you 
Girls! So many great memories. 
Ryan-you made the past four years 
worthwhile. Goodluck Class of 
2007! "I hope your dreams take you 
to the comers of your smiles." I'll 
miss this. 

Amanda Dunnett 

Thanks to my family and friends for 
being so supportive of me and help- 
ing me over the years. I love you 
guys. Goodluck with everything you 
do in the future. I'll miss you. High 
school went by so fast. 

Daniel Evans 


RyBLii Dooley 

There were some good times 
throughout the years, and there 
were some bad times throughout 
the years. In the end, the good times 
make the bad times all worthwhile. 

Nicholas Duggan 

Good Times. Gym class. Football 
games. Basketball games. Weekends 
at Rob's(class of '08). Senior trip 
'07. It's all over and I'm out. Peace 
to the FAM. Later 



Jason Evans 

Jay Ev, Arwin, Edge 
Thanks to family, friends, and the 
Almighty One. With the dedication 
of my friends and family, my HS 
career was amazing; Legends of 
the Hidden Temple, golf. Sneaky's 
house, U2 concert. Thanks to every- 
one who supported me throughout 
high school. 

/Shawn FaheY 

Thanks for all the support from 
friends and family. Good times at 
Football, BBall, Track. "The Fam- 
ily" Huppa's House, all the spots. 
The Fahey adopted Bros. Country 
Chef, Option Attak4am to Mom, 
Dad, Zack and Amy I love you all, 
thanks for everything. 



Sylvia Faustino 

Richard Ferallo 

High School flew by leaving great 
memories! Mrs. Lucia, Mad Evils, 
best teachers! Best Friends Aman- 
da, Kristin, Kate, John, Jimmy, 
Christa, Leia! Nicknames: Ugh, 
Ikera, Leaky, O. Malone, IT, Rekri! 
Friends: SW, SM, JE, CJ, KH, MM, 
KK, NJ, JD, SH, KM, BS, SF, AM, 
TP, CB! 

Greg Getchell 

I enjoyed my years at Wilmington 
High School. I was able to accom- 
plish a lot. It was an adventure for 
me too. My teachers pushed me to 
study hard and finish my school 
work! I was confident that I could 
achieve my goals. Had a lot of fun. 
Also will remember classmates and 

Christoptier Qiardina 

Life is short, don't waste time wor- 
rying about what people think of 
you. Hold on to the ones that care, 
in the end they will be the only ones 

Friends are people who 
know you and still like you anyway. 
"Thank you air... lol 

Danysl Giordano 

Mom and Dad thanks for giving me 
the world - Coley, my sister, thanks 
4everything I LOVE YOU! *ML 
10 years & counting-Best Friends 
for eternity* FRIENDS: thanks for 
making the past 4 years unforget- 
table! Love you all<3 And in the 
night we'll wish this never ends. 
Good Luck '07! 


Shane Foley 

Foley, Foles 
Thank you to all my family and 
friends. You have made the past 4 
years great. Thanks to the hockey 
team #3 and finally to the BCM. 

Monica, Folk 

Monie, Mon 
Thank you to my friends and family 
for being there for me. I leave this 
school with amazing memories: 
BAND, soccer, tennis. "Go con- 
fidently in the direction of your 
dreams. Live the life you have imag- 
ined." -Henry David Thoreau 

Joshua GirovLX 

Chelsea Gish 

Chels VDK-4EVA'' 
Thanks 2 every! who has been there 
through it all Colleen-my roonmiate 
thanks 4 everything "I kno your psy- 
cho I don't need 2 date you 2 find 
out"-Story of our lives-BFF can't 
wait till the apartment RIP DRA- 
MA! Its about time xoxo ...There's 
got to be more to life hahah boys ! 


■» f' i ■ <■ 

Michael Golden 


High school flew by! Good times 
guys. Dunkies! Cross Country, 
Winter and Spring Track. Pump it, 

Thanks to everyone for being 
there. Special thanks to Jill. I LOVE 

Go live your dreams. 

Dereck Griffin 


Jessica Noelle Harrington 

Thanks to my mom, dad, and Bobby 
you guys have always been there for 
me. To my best girls we have had 
some good times. Love you guys. 
Good luck to everyone next year. 
To the Class of 2007 *Good Times 
Never Seemed So Good* 

Gahrielle Hauray 



Clifton HbII 

High School has been such a great 
experience, and I'm leaving with 
some great memories that I will 
never forget. I want to thank all of 
my family and friends: BO, BS, FS 
and CL for their support. Hope ev- 
eryone in my class has a successful 
future. Class of '07 Rules! 

Alyssa Hanley 

These are the days we'll forever 
look back on & never forget. Thanks 
to my family & friends for making 
it all worth it. Kay~my "Gug" & 
best friend always. In these past four 
years I've had the craziest times 
with the best of people. Good luck 
guys, I'll miss this... 

David Hanson 

Good times, good times. Good 
times in English. Good times in 
Spance & Frain, despite weather. 
Good times over at Sneaky's. It's 
hard to think that someday these 
will be the good ole days. As the 
big guy upstairs would say, keep on 
truckin'! 8:{1 

Lauren Heenan 

Thanks to my family: Mom, Dad, 
Don, Nan & Nell, love you! Friends 
- we've had our crazy and unforget- 
table times. Class of 2007, goodluck 
next year, we finally made it! 

Kristi Lee Heffeman 

Kri, Krigz, Kri-Unit, Hejfa 
The last four years have truly made 
us realize the importance of real 
friends & happiness vs. acceptance. 
We laughed when they told us we'd 
miss it, but we cried when they 
told us it was time to leave. Thanks 
mom, dad, & teachers. Awesome 
memories, <3 my buds. . .YAY '07! ! 

Jamie Hoyt 

xiu xiu for life 



Robert Hupper 

Thanks for all the support from 
everyone. Never forget: My House, 
Anthony's TK's, smashing. "The 
Family" Best group of friends 
anyone could ask for. "That's thirty 
minutes away. I'll be there in ten." 

Cassandra Hurley 

It took a long time to get here. 

Thanks to all my friends for being 
with me and sharing great memories 
with me. It's been a fun time! 

See you later. 


Christopher Jeannette 

Cara Lyn Jenkins 

Chavs, Jenks 
Love you Mom, Dad, and Vinnie. I 
couldn't have done it without you! 
Class of 2007, Keep it Chavvy! 

Remember only the curious have 
something to find. So search harder, 
dream bigger, and love longer. 


Christina laqriinto 

Quinto, X-tina 
Thanks to Mom and Kevin for 
everything. I love you Mom, my 
best friend. Theresa, wouldn't have 
made it without you! Canada2006- 
my loves<3 your amazing. "The 
future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams" Class 
of 2007. . .It's all over, Good Luck! ! ! 
- Christina 

Nicholas Ippolito 

Tara Jabour 

Tara Ann 
I'm going to miss all the good times 
and the amazing people I have met. 

"Everything happens for a reason." 

Michael Johnson 

Ryan Jones Kyle Joyce 

Jones, RJ Roadhog 

My family. Mom, Dad, Gina, Steve, Good times at Wilmy High. Every- 
Bren, Shan, Melis. I love you thanks one good luck after this year, 
for everything. Fball '06/' 04 CAL 
Champs. All my friends, you're 
the best, great times. UMass trips. 
Groves and Boz. Lacrosse' 06, sick. 
Never forget all the memories. 



• f.« 


Bryan Kelley- 

Kaitlyn Kerins 

Katie, KT, KDK 
It's been fun going through school 
with amazing friends. Great memo- 
ries with you guys: Operation Or- 
ange, concerts, people and Chalk in 
line, dance parties, fireworks, bday 
hats, muppet song, and so much 
more! Good luck to everyone! 

Glenn Kerr 

Thanks to everybody for a great 
education and experience. 

Stephanie Knoettner 

Mom. Dad, Laura. Thanks for all 
your love and support. Friends-al- 
ways in my heart. -ROOTS- Leah, 
my best through it all. Never forget 
good times, football games, proms. 
Couldn't have been any better. Good 
luck everyone. -2007- 

Kimberly^ Koerher 

"These are the best years of our 
lives." Thanks to my friends, who 
made school fun, my mom and dad, 
who believed in me, Ms. O'Mara, 
and my teachers. Congratulations 
Class of 2007 and good luck! 

Kelsey Kusa 

Thanks to my Mom, Dad, Ben, 
Pete, Sam, Cara, and all my friends 
without Notorious BIG High school 
would not have been possible. You 
only live life once, so live it to the 


Natasha Khan 

Mom & Dad, thanks for everything. 
KhaUb, you're a great big brother. 
KaUnah, Talia, &Annika- sisters & 
best friends forever I love you all. 
I've had great memories-homecom- 
ing dance, prom, & strings. Always 
remember, dance like no one's 
watching, sing like no one can hear! 
Good Luck! 

Anthony' Khim 

Kimbo, Slice 
Here's to the Good times at Wilm- 
ington High Shout out to all the 
boys Good times at Hupper's Also 
shout out to all my real girls out 
there AB you miss out LOL Thanks 
to Mr. Barry, OMara, MCGARY 

No Photo 


I f 

Serge Kuzmin 

Sergy, Sergio 
My deep appreciation to those who 
helped me during my time here. I 
have some unforgettable moments 
that I'll keep with me forever. 
Thanks to my friends & parents 
who never gave up on me. Thanks 
Sylvia for your support. I'll never 
forget your friendship. I'll always be 
behind you. 


lvi_:-,» - .,.L . 


Alana Lacey 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jill for 
always supporting and believing in 
me. Courtney you truly are a best 
friend. WHS Soccer, Track, Ten- 
nis, Band, and Clubs, so many great 
friends and unforgettable memories. 
Thanks again to all the teachers. 
Congrats Class of '07! 


■* . - 

Some people come into our lives 
and quickly go. Some stay for 
awhile and leave footprints in our 
hearts. And we are never, ever the 

Adam Levine 

B.R.U.G., Legends of the Hidden 
Temple, Los Limpiaparabrisisimos, 
SoundScape '03-'07, way too many 
musicals, Spain-France trip, 11, and 
most of all, remember the Moose ! 

Samantha Little 

M^jkayla Locke 

Meek, Mik 
Mom&Daddy-Thank you for giving 
me the world, iLoveyou! Briana- 
sister&friend-love you. DG. roots. 
Hoodsz. Webbers. FRIENDS<3 you 
are my inspiration. Thank you for 
always making me laugh-you're Ir- 
replacable. Iloveyou! Class of 2007- 
You guys are amazing-unconditional 
love. Good luck! 

BjU Long 

Thanks to my friends and family 
for making high school not so bad. 
ni miss a lot of the people Ive met 
here. Good luck to everyone. 




Kristin Liberacki 

John Lippiello 

I can't believe high school is already 
coming to an end. To my family & 
Amber: Thank you for everything. 
Love all my friends: KD, RP, KC, 
KM, EB, JE, HB, SW, MM, BM, 
KM, SM, CJ=spfl! <3 Thanks for 
some of the best years. Good luck to 

Thanks to everyone for a great year. 
Thanks to all my friends: RP, JD, 
SB, JD, LK, KM, KH, SH, KM, 
DH, JB, TP, CB, JE, CC, and ev- 
eryone else. Thanks to Mr. Kinney 
and Madame Veliz and all my other 




Ryan Loring 

Dr. Awesome 
Thank you Mom, Jay, Shan, Tully. 
Thank you for everyone Katie, 
you've made these four years great. 
Good Times with The E, Pat, Barry, 
Kenny, Jerry, Sneaky. Football #58 
CAL Champs 4-0 Thanksgiving. 
Tennis fun for all The Brug 
Love Hard Rock Hard 



Christina Luciano 

To my mom-you are amazing & 
my inspiration. Joe-my brother & 
bestfriend. Dad-Thank you for all 
the support. My friends are my 
life. Deb-my absolute best always. 
L.B, C.L, A.P, - you girls are crazy. 
Never forget the crazy nights with 
everyone, it' s been something to 
remember <33 


Michelle Luongo 

Jordan Noelle Lydon 


To those I love: Thanks for showing 
me that you don't have to go far to 
find the things in hfe that truly mat- 
ter. . .So gather up your jackets and 
move to the exit, I hope you have 
found a friend. Closing time, every 
new beginning comes from some 
other beginning's end... 




Katelyn Maggio 

Majh, Marg! 
Thank you Mom, Dad. and Shanny. 
love you. Friends- I love you girls, 
always a good time. Girlfriend<3. 
Prom, and fun times with the soc- 
cer girls. Never forget. PowderPuff 
Champs!:-: DWR<3 "I've had the 
time of my life & I owe it all to you! 
~YAy07~ Finally free! 

Brianna Nicole Maglio 


To all my friends who helped me get 
thru high school. 1 <3 u! Remember 
Junior Year and just having fun. 
Thanks to my family, I appreciate 
everything. Shane-I Love You Baby. 
Everyone else. Good luck in your 
future! -Bri 

Christopher Lyon 

C. Lyon 
Going to Montana soon, going to 
become a dental-floss tycoon. 

Samantha Ann MacDougall 

Thank you to my family and my 
friends Katy and Vanessa it's been 
fun. Congratulations everyone and 
good luck. "Nothing in life is to be 
feared, it is only to be understood." 

Sheldon Maga III 

Kaley- Maguire 

The future belongs to those who be- 
lieve in the beauty of their dreams. 

Thanks for the memories. 

Friends and family, I would be lost 
without you all. 
Good luck everyone! 

Robert Mahoney 

Rob, Mahoney 
Wilmington High School opened up 
many doors for me. WHS always 
presented me with an opportunity 
to succeed, people who I will never 
forget, and experiences to help guide 
my life by. Thanks for the good 
times and best of luck to everyone. 

KaylsL Malone 

Officer Malone 
I can't believe that high school is re- 
ally over. Mom and Dad-Thank you 
for loving me and supporting me 
through all these years. To all my 
friends -Thanks for all the awesome 
mems. I don't know what Td do 
without you guys. Congrats Class of 
2007- We did it! -Kayla 



Jill Manganelli 

Albert Marfleet 





Mom, Dad. Mike and Scotty — 

Good times 


..Good times. 


Thanks for always being there. 


Monica — LAS "Our Motto". Road 

m ^ 

trips to nowhere, movie nights. 


kidnapped and food hunts. "Don't 

^^L. .^M 

wait, the Hghts will flash and fade 



away. The days will pass you by. 


don"t wait. . ." Class of 2007. Keep it 










Megan Martins 

Wow high school flew by so fast! 
I can"t believe it. Hey to all my 
friends! Always a good time. Love 
you guys. Thank you for everything. 
Good Luck everyone! 

Josh Mayo 

J Mayo, J 
Thanks Dad, Mom, Joe & Z. Good 
times w/ the fellas & ladies at Hup- 
pas, Khims. Hansons. Georgies, & 
TKs. Football CAL Champs '06, 
Baseball '04-"07. Beachin it. HH, 
Chillen at the fort & Barry's '04. 
Stay Low #6. "The Family" 





Christine Marques 

Mom, Dad, Melissa Thanks for 
everything, Love you. To all of my 
friends, good times together and 
more to come. Love you all! Seniors 
'07, good luck 

Kevin Martin 

Kev, Maximus, Martin 
To the teachers — Thank you. 
To the Class of '07— Goodbye. 
Good Luck. 

Taryn Martiniello 

These past four years have gone by 
too fast. Thanks to Dad, Mom, and 
Amanda for always believing in me. 
Friends-it wouldn't have been the 
same without you. Alpha. Soccer, 
track, tennis- Amazing, love you 
girls. Best wishes to everyone in the 

Katelyn McFeeters 

Katy, Kate, Katy Mc ' 
Thanks to all of my friends and my 
family. You have made high school 
amazing and full of memories. 
Nessa what would I have done with 
out you, you're the best. Sam I've 
known you forever, it has definitely 
been interesting. And Kayla I'm 
glad we became good friends ! 

Patrick McGarry 

Katelyn McGrath 

Ice Foot, Ellen, Gatha, Concha 
These past years were whacked. 
I could have never survived w/o 
friends, family, and MO. Field 
Hockey is Life/my FH girls = very 
best/D-RO, co-captain: we made 
history/FH n lax bondin<3 You 
never know where you might end 
up, so get in your zone and never 
give up. Peace Out 



Tara McNabb 

I'm off to save the world! 

Vanessa Medeiros 

V-Ness, Nessa 
Thanks to my Mom, Dad and Ken- 
ny. You have helped me a lot. Mom 
you truly are my best friend, thanks 
for everything. To my best girls; 
Always an amazing time. Katy, you 
have always been there for me, I 
couldn't ask for a better best friend. 
It's been amazing. Goodluck every- 

Kyle Mendelson 

Jillian Miranda 

Thanks for the many memories: To 
Megan M-the long talks and goof 
off-good times To Kim S-our plan 
to take over the world-priceless! To 
Angie-for being my buddy and good 
friend To my Michael...! LOVE 
YOU MORE! ! Thanks for the many 
laughs and great new friends God 

Alexander Mooney 

Deborah Morel 

Mom Dad Den Jo Gab Thanx 4 all 
ur support and love. Den ur a freak. 
Xtina always my best friend. LB 
CL KS AP best friends ur all crazy. 
Fantas IRL Proms summa, its been 
real guys good luck. 2007 I LOVE 


NELttian Mercer 

Thanks everyone for the good times. 
Beat Tewksbury 4 years in a row! 

Ftiilip Mark Minghella 

Phil, Minky 
Thank you, Mom, Dad, Matt, Chris, 
Coley, Jon, Cat, Chucky, Trish, 
Shannon, Kat, Bob, Also to the 
rest of the family Thanks, To my 
friends, Kevcav, Stew, Laff, and the 
rest Thanks for all the good times. 
Wildcat football #25, Thanksgiving 
(4-0), Track, RM263, Thanks and 
good luck to all. 

Brittany Mulrenan 

Amelia Murphjr 


I can't believe that high school is 
already over. So many great memo- 
ries with all of my friends . Thanks 
to my mom, dad, Meghan, and Jack 
for all your support over the years. 
Good Luck to the Class of 2007. 



Lee Nason 

Better Late Than Never. 

Ksithryji Nelson 

We laughed until we had to cry. We 
loved right down to our last good- 
bye, but over the years we'll smile 
and recall, for just one moment. . .we 
had it all ! To everyone who ever 
helped me thanks ! To the world you 
may be one person, but to me you 
are my world. NU Luv U Babe 

Emjly O'Donoghue 




It " "^ 






ft ' 



Konsta.ntiiie Papadopoulos 

Courtney Parsons Justin Patel 

Court J masta P 

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Eric for Mom, dad, Christina, thank you for 

supporting me over the years. Alana, giving me support throughout these 

I can't thank you enough for be- 
ing there through the good and bad 
times. I will never forget the amaz- 
ing friends and memories I have 
made through track, soccer, strings, 
and clubs at WHS. Good luck '07! 

four years. Thanks to all my friends 
for being there and making the good 
times happen. Good luck Class of 
'07. Peace Out 


Johnny Joseph Olivere 

Johnny O 
Thank you Mom&Dad for every- 
thing. Goodtimes with "The Fam- 
ily" at Huppas. Pong Champs. Op- 
tion Attack 4am. Markeys. Country 
Chef. Mango, you know I don't look 
good. Nina&Rose we will love and 
miss you forever. 

Tara Osgood 

TO, Oz, Sogood 
Thanks everyone who helped me 
get through this, especially Mom. 
So many good memories I'll never 
forget; the car rides, the late nights, 
I love my chicks<3 Good luck 
. . .ps Hold my fin! -ars<3 

Dan Patterson III 

Danny P, Dan P 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Jenna, Jesse. 
Goodtimes w/ the fellas & ladies at 
TKs & Chillen at the fort. Barry's 
'04. HH - "The Family." Stay Low 

It's been real. 

Matthew PenniB 

Cecilia, Pettigrew 


Mom and Dad-Thank you so much 
for always supporting me and 
pushing me to my best and put- 
ting up with my worst. Steph and 
Liz, thanks for being there when 
I needed you the most. You're the 
best sisters I could ask for. My 
friends thank you for being there for 

Katelyn Ptiaup 

These past four years flew by. 
Mom, Mart, thank you. Dad I love 
you, you made me who I am today. 
Wrestling stats, too many memories. 
I'll miss you guys. All my besties, 
love you. I'll miss these years. And 
remember, life is what you make it. 
Pease Love Joy. 



David Reuk 

The Polish Phenom 
The last four years have gone by so 
fast but they left behind friends and 
memories that will last a lifetime. 
Thanks to all my friends and family. 

Danielle Rdbarge 

Thanks Mom Dad Jack Tom Meg. 
Friends<3 always a goodtime-Bakes 
my best-superfans-RIP Red Dragon- 
Lee-Linds-Mandi-never a dull 
moment. Summertime-Huppers- 
Georges-fh love<3-IceFoot-99s- 
Mango&Sheehan-Pat besafe-"The 
Family"-ZC toughguy<3-Thanks 
MO — It's been real — 

Arianna Picardi 

Michael Pickett 

Thanks to all my friends! Band: Dis- 
ney Washington Skinny Camp 
4 Degrees Club! 

Christie Presz 

"I'm responding to challenges in 
life as opportunities for growth in 
strength and maturity. I am creating 
the life I want rather than reacting to 
what happens." 

Eric Russo 

How's it going guys, 
I'll never forget all the good times, 
track and BRUG events that form 
the best memories of my life. I wish 
you all the best of luck on your 
future endeavors, no matter where 
you may be. 
Good luck and godspeed. 

Michelle Ann Saint Aubin 

Mitchy, Staubin, Mishle 
Thanks for all your help & support 
through the years. I love you-Mom, 
Dad&Mike! Wrestling Stats-Made 
the Past 4 Years fly by-Flower! 
Krysten-Best Friend-Thanks for 
everything !-&Class of '07- I'll miss 
you all-Good Luck- have fun-Stay 
Classy :) <3 

*-Live Your Life-* 

James Savage 


•/ *^- -i 

Leah Schneider 

All the world's a stage and all the 
people are merely players. Remem- 
ber your past, live in the present, 
and always look towards the future. 
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't 
stop and look around once in awhile, 
you could miss it. 

Brittany Scho£ield 

Thanks Mom. Dad, and Patrick for 
always being there for me. To all 
my friends- 1 love you all; I couldn't 
have done it without you! Good luck 
to everyone! I will miss you. Keep 
in touch! . . .Every story has an end, 
this end is our beginning! 


No PKoto 


Harris Shaikh 

Thanks Mom, Dad. Omair for 
always being there. Coming to WHS 
wasn't my idea, but Tm glad I spend 
these 4 years here. My friends, 
thank you for all the good times. I 
wish you all the best of luck. Uh, 
let's skip Spanish? THUG LIFE. 

Brendan Sheehan 

Thank you Mom and everyone else 
I love you guys Thanks Mr. Barry 
Good times at Huppas Hansons and 
Tims To all my friends. "The Fellas" 
I love you guys We had some great 
times in High School-Baseball "04- 
'07 To everyone else good luck 



V V 

* > 



Patrick Schultz 

Colonel Cool, Moneymaker 
Thank you family for supporting 
me all these years, also thanks to 
my friends, Jason and Jesse and 
of course S.P. as well as B.R.U.G. 
"Every new beginning comes 
from some other beginning's end." 
-Semisonic and "Don't let time slip 
away" -Aerosmith. 

Vincent H, See 

LeeFay M. -good times and loyal 
friends. And to the four years that 
I'm leaving behind. 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Heather, 
Rachele and Gemini for all the sup- 

Jason Serino 

Thanks to my Mom and Dad and the 
rest of my family, I love you guys. 
Thanks to all of my friends for all of 
the good times. 
I love you Erika. 
I love you too Pat. 

Steven Shihilia 

Thanks to my family and friends. 
Band has been awesome. Make 28 
- good times. 1st talent show win- 
ners - NB, LB & me. Band trip to 
Disney - best room - BS, JC, RH, 
DR & me. I can't believe HS is 
almost over, and I can't wait til it is. 
C ya around! 

Alysha Sicari 

Lyshie, Lysh, LiLi, Aly 
WHS friends- Luv U All, DC, CC, 
ST, SF, BA & many more. LAX 
Girls Luv U! Bff-DC I Luv you Bri- 
an 6-18-05 Good & the bad. Thanks 
Dad & Joyce Luv U lots! Prom '07 
6-24-06 so many memories that will 
never be forgotten! [Spirit Week! 
I wish everyone the best of luck! 
Seniors '07! 

Daniel Silva 

D-Silv, Silva, Charlie, Dan 
The past 4 years have led to a piece 
of paper giving us freedom. There 
past 4 years have been great even 
though I was always waiting for it 
to end. New people and long nights 
in our future, but let's not forget 
our brief time here. Never forget & 
never regret. ~BCM~ LAX#9 


Laura Silverio 

Sarah, Mom, & Dad-thank you for 
never giving up on me, I love you! 
To my friends I'll never forget all 
the crazy times we've had-TKS, 
Huppas, summertime madness, New 
Years, & so many more- 1 love you 

"One day we'll look back & realize 
we had it all." 

KurLberly Silvia 

Mom & Dad- Thanks for always be- 
ing there and supporting me through 
all these years. My friends- The last 
four years wouldn't have been the 
same without you. ALPHA. Winter/ 
Spring Track, XC, Soccer - Amaz- 
ing seasons. Good luck to everyone 
in the years to come ! 

Shane William Simbeck 

Shane, Simbeck 
Thanks to my mom. I love you. John 
thanks for being the best dad that 
you could. Time to graduate. =) Time 
to go out in the Real World. Hope 
that nobody forgets me. Only GOD 
can judge me. Much love to my 
friends for being there. Class of '07. 
Coast Guard-Operations Specialist. 



Gregory Stewart 

Greg, Stew 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Stephen, 
Jennifer for everything. Remember 
football 1-4, basketball 2-4, baseball 
3-4. Thanks Cav, Mike, and Phil for 
always having my back. Thank you 
Katelyn for always being there you 
are amazing. To everyone else good 
luck after High School. 

Michael Stewart 

Wow high school went by fast! 
Junior and Senior year were unfor- 
gettable: winter and spring track, 
proms. Sneaky's house, LB, BRUG, 
Dunkies, and Legends of the Hidden 
Temple. Good luck to everyone go- 
ing to college and to the upcoming 





Jeremiah. Smith 


Hey to all my friends. "We must 
all hang together or assuredly we 
shall hang separately." Blue Bar- 
racudas and the rest of the Legends 
crew, BRUG Sneaky's House, LQ, 
Dunkies 2006 CAL Champs, BFS, 
"These are the best days of our 
hves." #57 Good Luck 

Margaret Sorrentino 

Maggie, Stino, Daisy 
Thanks to my family-Love you My 
friends-good times great mems- 
gunna miss you WHS Cheering My 
Champs<3 you <3 99 Crew-RIP 
TinCan Stay Safe Pat<3 

"Celebrate we will 'cause 
life is short but sweet for certain" 

Love you-good luck '07 

Amanda Stone 

Mom Dad Katie Michela and Toby 
Thank you so much for all your sup- 
port. You have helped me so much. 
Friends <3 you guys are amazing. 
Danielle you are my best friend 
Fd be lost without you! <3 you 
*Class of 2007* Good Times Never 
Seemed So Good! Good Luck! PS 
hold my fin - TO 

Katelyn Sullivan 

Katie, Sully 
Mom Dad Thanx for supporting me 
with everything I do-Kerri thanx for 
always being there for me I love you 
guys! My girls don't know where 
Fd be without you unforgettable 
times-"03" I love you all! Good 
Luck Class of '07! It's been real. 


Tyler Summers 

Ty Ty, Arizona 

Hi. My name is Tyler. Fm good. 
-High Five ! 


David Qw^eet 

Michael Thomas 


Thanks to my family for everything. 
Never forget Beach/Markey's, 
RHCP 10/2, OLP, -'My feet were 
cold". The Fahey's. Option Attack 
4AM, Put in JJ, & all the goodtimes 
w/ "The Family". Sitho and Nina we 
love you. 

Corey Travers 

Nanako Tsukamoto 

Fm all lost in the supermarket... I 
want to thank all my friends, espe- 
cially Jamie. CeCe. and Gate! And 
thanks to my family & teachers ! I 
am going back to Japan but I will 
never forget about what I experi- 
enced here. Fll come back in a few 




Sarah Tavares 

Goozie, Midge, Sarita & more! 
I <3 my Fab 4! Thanks to my 
friends and family for always sup- 
porting me. Good Times in Band, 
SoundScape, Acadec, and so much 
more. Best of luck to everyone in 
your futures. 


Samantha Taylor 

Ninja Sam 
You're only old when you stop act- 
ing young. 

P.S. I love you my friends who 
kidnap me and drag me to the park 
and draw in the middle of my street 
at all hours of the night! (yay run on 

Maria Kristina Tucker 

Thanks mom and dad for always 
being there. Good Luck Class of 
'07 have fun and be safe. Jodi Mac 
Thanks for everything! 

Nicholas Underwood 

When I graduate I'll leave with one 
person by my side. That one person 
is Katie N. She's the one that made 
high school great. She's absolutely 
amazing and I know I'll always 
have her by my side. We will have 
many great memories together. 
You're the best friend anyone could 



Praxiheep Vemula 

Hoopa, Hoopz 

"Look to always improve the world 
around you, for what man is a man 
that does not make the world bet- 

Senior year went by fast: Dunkies, 
The Brug. Legends, and MadLibs... 
I hope everyone has success in their 
chosen career. 

LeoJoy Villafuerte 

We all take different paths in Hfe, 
but no matter when we go, we take 
a little of each other everywhere. 
To my family & friends, thanks 
for being supportive. Good luck to 
everyone. It has been wonderful, 
now to the real world we journey 
on. Class of "07! 

Angela Wang 

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he 
is a new creation; the old has gone, 
the new has come!" 
2 Corinthians 7:3 

Timothy Waterman 


Ashley Vitale 

Mom,Dad,Mike,Nicole, I Love 
You-Thanks for everything. Boz- 
Been through it all. Friends-Un- 
forgettable Times ^Remember 
Fball games*Proms*BBallA^Ball* 
Summers*US*Lox*P.Puff Champs! 
*06.06.05*<3*Class of '07-Wherev 
er you go, go with all your heart* . . . 

Jared Waite 

These years have been great bye to 
all my teachers, Thanks to all my 
friends Flo, Polish, Legro, Dancoe, 
Cav, ML, NZ, DS, BK 12, 21, JO, 
PM, GS, CG, Dancoe it's with a G. 

Victoria Brooke Wandell 

Vicki, Vic 
Dad, Mom, John, Ally, Curtis: I just 
want to say thank you for everything 
you all have done for me; each in 
your own special way:) I also want 
to say thanks to all my friends in 
NH who made the high school years 
worth living for: AM, DB, NF, RH, 
KG; and in MA, KA! ILY JMD! GL 

Kirk Wayshville 

I want to give a shout out to the 
fam, Nancy, Ken, Greg, Heather, 
Matt, Peter, Corey, Jen, Thanks for 
everything, I love you guys. IDK 
Only you know what it truly means 
haha. Wrestling, 171, football #6, 
Tewks 4-0. Thanks Coach Barry and 
everyone else for everything 2007 ! ! ! 

Jessica W^elch 

Thank you Mom & Dad for all of 
your help. To my brothers and sister, 
I'll always be greatful to have you 
in my life. Friends come and go but 
family will always be there. Never 
forget that! And of course I love my 
Girls, Goodluck & have fun!... My 
everything, Mark<3 

Amanda Jean Weymouth 

Mom & Dad, thanks for all your 
love and support. Steph-my best- 
friend-love you. Friends, never 

"Do and you will be provided for, 
love and you will be loved, live and 
you will find happiness." 
Congrats Class of 2007 


Melissa Whittington 

Lissy, Twitchy, Spaz, Squishy 
"Meghan no yelling at inanimate 
objects!" Many mems w/ friends. 
Silly Silberger w/ his waterbottle/ 
pineapple. Pixi stix highs. Eskimo 
days, fun times in strings. Mr. Dilm- 
ore rox! My love muffin Bethany. I 
luv u so much. To all my peeps MC. 
MP, AR. BH. KB. GD, JF. I luv u 
all. xoxox 

Amanda Williams 

Manda, Mandy 
I would like to thank my parents, 
my friends, and teachers for helping 
all these years. There has been so 
many good times with my friends, 
Tm going to miss everyone. 
Class of 2007 we made it! Good 
luck to everyone! 

SteFaniB Williams 

"Neither a lofty degree of intel- 
ligence nor imagination nor both 
together go to the making of genius. 
Love, love, love, that is the soul of 
genius." -W.A. Mozart 

Nicholas Zappala 

The past four years might be the 
best of our lives. Always remember 
the good times, and never forget 
your friends. Thanks to my family 
and friends for always being there. 
No matter where you end up. never 
forget where you're from or who 
you are. 



;* -■ . 




Timothy Brady, Ryan Brander, Daniel Breslin, Brittany Collins, James Downs III, 
Joshua Griffin, Stephen Krakofsky, Mark Laphshin, Bryan Raposo, Paul Ritson Jr., 
Timothy Ryan, Justin Steeves, Amber Thibodeau, and Jon Tranfaglia 






1 ^Class 

1 Xof! . 

J^l^ 2 


^^^^^K '* ^H 




■* , A 

^ •^'';.^.V^^-.-;^..,- 






\ ^ 


*^. ' .-. 


Foreign Language ' 


Business . . • • ' 

Retiring! Faculty 

The Wilmington High School student body, faculty, and administration would like to recognize 
these six outstanding faculty members who will be "graduating" along with the Class of 2007. Mrs. 
Blodgett, Mrs. Boudreau, Mr. Melhado, Mrs. Symonds, Mrs. Bavuso, and Mrs. Goldman have been an 
integral part of the WHS comunity for many years, and their presence will be greatly missed. 

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication throughout the years. 

Best of luck ana Happy ReUrement! 



. Na^iej, 

' ' Social Studies 

Mrs. Goldman has 

been a teacher for 1 7 

years, with 15 of those 

years as a teacher 

here in Wilmington. 

^X. ^^°^^ci 


Mr Melhado has been 

working in education 

for 38 years, 32 years 

in Wilmington and 31 of 

those years here at the 

high school. 



• • • 


Mrs. Symonds began 
her teaching career 
in 1971. In addtion to 
her years as a class- 
room teacher, she has 
worked as the English 
CTL for a total of 22 


Retiring Faculty 






Most Athletic 

Greg Stewart 
Taryn Martiniello 

Most Artistic 

Tara labour 
Kenny Adams 



Most Musical 

Alyssa Hanley 
Adam Levine 



Most Spirit 

Kevin Cavanaugh 
Brianne Bozzella 

Class Flirts 

George Boudreau 
Christina Luciano 

Most Talkative 

Maggie Sorrentino 
Chris Giardina 

Class Clowns 

Nicole Bradley 
Mike Bartlett 

Superlative Winners 


Most Attractive 

Chris Dancoe 
Kayla Capachietti 





Mikayla Locke 
Brendan DeMango 

Best Car 

Krysten Augello 
Ryan Dooley 


Best Hair 

Ryan Jones 
Amanda Baker 

Best Dressed 

Scott Bransfield 
Shiloh Bramantecohen 

Most Unique 

Nana Tsukamoto 
Zak Broman 

Best Eyes 

Arianna Picardi 
Jeremiah Smith 

Superlative Winners 



**i I 

*' . fd 



i J 

Most Charitable 

Richie FeruUo 
Cara Jenkins 

Class Couple 

Ryan Loring 
Katie Duncan 

Best Friends ' Girls 

Danielle Bamberg 
Amanda Stone 


Best All'Around 

Danielle Bamberg 
Mike Thomas 

Most Likely to 

Pradheep Vemula 
Angela Wang 

Best Smile 

Ashley Vitale 
Steve Cruz 

Best Friends - Guys 

Josh Mayo 
Rich Barry 
Kyle Borseti 

Superlative Winners 


- . ,4 .- 


.■-/. •■ 

•:r^ ■< 




The Class of 2007' s Junior Prom was held at the Wake- 
field Sheraton Hotel on April 28, 2006. An old time 
Hollywood theme, a great DJ, and a dimly lit ballroom 
made for a truly memorable "Night with the Stars." 

The Prom Court members included Danielle Bamberg, 
John Bishop, Erin Carter, Leah DelRossi, Jason Evans, 
Natasha Khan, Serge Kuzmin, Samantha MacDougall. 
Alex Mooney, and Jeremiah Smith. Mike Thomas and 
Mikayla Locke were crowned Prom King and Queen. 








Included on this year's Homecoming 
Court were WHS Seniors, Adam Levine, 
Brendan DeMango, Josh Mayo, Kevin 
Cavanaugh, Steve Sousa, Scott Brans- 
field, Tom Coughlin, Chris Lyon, Aman- 
da Stone, Ashley Vitale, Danielle Bam- 
berg, Christine Cassim, Taryn Martinello, 
Michelle Saint Aubin, Erika Belsky, and 
Monica Folk. Irvin Co and Vanessa Me- 
deiros were crowned this year's Home- 
coming King and Queen. 

The DJ played some great music through- 
out the night, but the Seniors were es- 
pecially excited to hear Sweet Caroline. 
"Good Times Never Seemed So Good!" 

-<' -r« 





WHS Seniors are known for their eager participation in Spirit Week, 
and the Class of 2007 did not disappoint. Starting off the week. Se- 
niors kept the tradition aUve with crazy costumes hke the contestants 
of Legends of the Hidden Temple. Juniors chose a Decade Day theme 
while the Sophomores picked Movie Day. Freshman wore pajamas! 


Spirit Week 2006 






A first for WHS Spirit Week, Formal Day was introduced as a daily 
theme. Dressed to the nines, students came to school wearing Prom 
dresses and business suits. One student adorned a beautiful wedding 








Army Day was filled with a variety of costumes ranging from au- 
thentic military attire to homemade outfits. There were even students 
dressed as a helicopter and a tank! Some students were camouflaged 
so well that you couldn't even see them! 




■ 'k^ 




We wrapped up the WHS Spirit Week with the infamous Blue and 
White Day. Students covered themselves in massive amounts of blue 
and white... hairspray. tights, streamers, wigs, boas, and more. Filled 
with students decked out in the school colors. Wilmington High 
School surely has the best school spirit around! 


Spirit Week 2006 

-^ .J^^^i* 





This year's pep rally capped off the Spirit Week tradition. Hosted by 
seniors Brianne Bozzella and Maggie Sorentino, the rally included 
an awesome display of cheerleading spirit, an obstacle course for the 
Spirit Week winners, and a pie-eating contest for the fall sports team 
captains! Good Times Never Seemed So Good! 


So Good! 

Spirit Week 2006 



Spirit Week 2006 


Mr. and Ms. WM& 


The 2006 Mr. and Ms. WHS competition 
was held in the auditorium on Tues., Nov. 
14th. Hosted by Victoria Tanzella and Tom 
Barry (Mr. WHS 2005), contestants battled 
it out in four categories: personal talent, 
school spirit, individual interview, and WHS 
trivia. Competing for the title of Ms. WHS, 
Brianne Bozzella and Sarah Tavares both 
performed tremendously while those in 
the running for the title of Mr. WHS (Jesse 
Belding, Billy Crowley, James Ham, Eric 
Russo, and Brian Sullivan) also gave a great 

In the end, Sarah Tavares and Brian Sullivan 
were crowned this year's Mr. and Ms. WHS. 

,»v ■:■ 



Maureen O'Mara 

Catherine Daley 

Eric Tracy Stephen Lynch Michael Nee Mary Lou McManus Cynthia Tsoukalas 

Murie Cahalane 

Barbara Bishop 

Laura Caggiano 

Jessica Cohen 

Stoddard Melhado 


Nancy Sullivan 

Anthony Fiore 

Catherine Symonds Deboarah Bayer 

Karen DiBona 

Maureen Dolan 

Meghan Estrada Claire Hitschler 

Joseph Kleponis 

Lisa Lucia Maura Lynch Tammy Ross 

78 Faculty Portraits 

Linda Peters 

Virginia Blodgett 


Tara Ettinger 

Gayle Masse 

David Sundberg 

Matthew Hackett 

lk-' ^1 

' ■J'^))>>«'^H 

Ki^^u^F^ «. 

Thomas Kenney 

Mindy Leal 

Kylie Magee 

Richard Rowe 

Susan Smith 

Mary Sullivan 


Brian Can- 

Nancy Goldman 

Michael Jones 

Tracey Kassin 

Michael Kinney 

Cheryl Marfleet Christopher Randall 

Kevin Riley 

Mark Staffier 


. /. 





Maura Tucker 

Joyce Beckwith 

Linda Bavuso Rebecca Hoffmann 

Daniel Indiciani 

Meghan Martin 


Christopher Lewis Brenda Marcoux 



Edward Harrison 

Faculty Portraits 

Judith Nowak 

Terresa Pietro 

Alba Santana 

Joanne Veliz 

James Megyesy Raymond Albright 

Dawn Martell 

Carol Mutchler 

John Wood 

Anthony Aiticri 

Karen Dolan 

Lois Nardo 

Michael Pimental 


Martha Boudreau 

Susan Canty 




James Demos II 

Marie Shack 

Suzette Durso 

Jason Luciana 

No Photo 

Ward Dilmore 

Russell Carroll 

Brandi Torchia 

Jennifer Fidler 

Barbara Mette 

Mary Houde 

• ^\ .J 

Judy Beaudet Deborah Stoelzel 


:t. ' ' 

'•v ■■;- 





Mary Mahoney Michael Hickey 

Jan Mounsey 

Michael Barry 

Jodi MacKenzie 


Kathryn Zaitz 

Eleanor Blake 


Paula Byrne 




Lynda Fitzpatrick 

Faculty Portraits 

Patricia Tobin 

Andrea Wickwire 


Ellen Houle 


Doreen Crowe Kimberly Donovan 

Susan Rowe 

Cheryl Tavares 

Debra Parker 

Theresa Quilty 

Sarah Cosman 





William McAulduff Joanne Benton 


Mary Palen 

Ann Claire 

J. I ' 


Food Service Staff 

School Committee Members 

Joan Duffy, Chairperson - Margaret Kane, Vice-Chairperson - Steve Higgins, Secretary 
Daniel Ardito - Barbara Breakey - Suzanne Cushing - Kimberly Peterson 






^e Underclsussmen 


Underclass Portraits 


Nicole Allan 

Stephanie Baima 

John Baldwin 

Anthony Barbuzzi 

Katelyn Barcellos 

Rosalie Barrera 

Thomas Barry 

John Bayrouty 

Melinda Bergeron 

Matthew Bibeau 

Elizabeth Boland 

Evan Borseti 

Michael Bravoco 

Evan Brennan 

Alphonso Brewer 

Sara Briggs 

Matthew Brooks 

Kristyn Brophy 

Alyssa Brown 

Alanna Brush 

Nina Burke 

Craig Bush 

Michael Cabral 

Tyler Calway 

Lauren Camillieri 

Anthony Capone 

Kevin Carter 

Patrick Cassidy 

Michelle Catania 

Christa Cavallaro 

Marissa Chase 

Bethany Chisholm 

Kimberly Ciampa 

Louis Cimaglia V 

Amanda Ciulla 

Lindsay Clark 

Nathaniel Clarkin 

Hala Clough 

Michael Cohen 

Kathryn Cole 

Gabrielle Collins 

Michael Condell 


Class of 2008 - Junior Portraits 



Brian Connelly 
Robert Cook 
Trevor Cormier 
Alison Corwin 
Jesslyn Covino 
Jessica Crowley 

William Crowley Jr 
Timothy Cushing 
Thomas Darragh 
Akshay Dave 
Tiffanie Davis 
Mike DeLuca 

Matthew Derian 
Justin DeRosa 
Kristen Diaz 
Leah Dinatale 
Jennifer DiNuccio 
Brendan Doherty 

Andrew Donovan 
Alan Dooley 
Johnathan Dubord 
Nicole Engrem 
Jill Ennis 
Michael Enwright 

Grant Evans 
Zachary Fahey 
Nicholas Farnsworth 
Sean Fay 
Nicole Feeney 
Judy Ferrara 

Alison Figucia 
Matthew Figueiredo 
Danielle Florentine 
Kevin Fitzpatrick 
Kelly Flood 
Brendan Foley 

Joseph Foley 
Timothy Forte 
Jillian Fortuna 
Kathryn Eraser 
Lauren Frissore 
Katelyn Gallant 



Class of 2008 - Junior Portraits 


Antar George 

Korinne Ghafari 

Michael Giamberardino 

Christina Giardina 

Jennifer Gilardi 

Casey Godzyk 

Andrew Goossens 

Corey Groves 

Rachel Haggerty 

James Ham 

Bethany Hanson 

Kayla Hanson 

Joshua Himmel 

Lauren Hitchins 

Stacey Hoang 

Christopher Holland 

Nicholas Jannone 

Michael Jensen 

Kenneth Joyce Jr 

Leia Kaplan 

Justin Kaufman 

Ashley Kealos 

Megan Keane 

Andria Keating 

Brianne Kelly 

Jonathan Kincaid 

Taylor Kindred 

Paula Korng 

Daniel Kosuk 

Thoa Lam 

Stephanie Lancione 

Brooke Langone 

Ashley Lanpher 

Christopher Lavin 

Carlton Lentini 

Michael Leonardo 

Christopher Lesnik 

Anthony Liberatore 

William Listen 

Keith Little 

Susan Livermore 

Justyn Loguidice 


Class of 2008 - Junior Portraits 


'■■•...'.V V 

Justin Loranger 
Amanda Lord 
John Lyons 
Nicole IVIaccarone 
Lindsay IVIacDougall 
Colleen Magee 

Tara Maguire 
Ashley Mahoney 
Sean Mahoney 
Andrew Marra 
Steven Marsh 
Rosa Mazzeo 

Jessica McBride 
Daniel McCarthy 
Shannon McCarthy 
Aaron McCue 
John McGowan 
Cara McGuire 

Mickayla McMillan 
latum McNally 
Natalie Melkonlan 
Ernest Mello 
Shannon Metcalfe 
Danielle Miles 

Andrea Mitchell 
Michael Mondi 
Kyle Moon 
Christina Moretti 
Beth Morris 
Erin Muise 

Jacqueline Mullens 
Julie Murphy 
Kerri Murphy 
Krista Murphy 
Sean Murphy 
Andrew Nelson 

Karen Nguyen 
Kathleen Nguyen 
Kimberly Nichols 
Alyssa Nieman 
Nicole Nihan 
John O'Brien 


Class of 2008 - Junior Portraits 



Kristen O'Brien 

Lauren O'Brien 

Blaine O'Leary 

Jennifer O'Neill 

Andrew Oglesby 

Lynne Olson 

Jacob Osgood 

Kristin Ozelis 

Vincent Papageorgiou 

Michael Papalegis 

Jennifer Paris 

Nathan Pereira 

Timothy Perkins 
Jennifer Petinge 
Michelle Phillips 

Melanie Pickett 
Melissa Pijoan 

Michael Pizzotti 

Joseph Polcari 

Leah Potcner 

Nicholas Powers 

Lorena Prinzivalli 

Alexandra Prochorski 

Christopher Rastellini 

Nicole Reed 

Alexandra Reilly 

Nicole Rivera 

Gina Rizzo 

Krystal Robarge 

Michael Robarge 

Nicholas Robarge 

Brett Robbins 

Nicole Santangelo 

Stephanie Sauve 

Lisa Sawatdee 

Mitchell Sawlivich 

Charles Schneckloth 

Alicia Schuurman 

Justin Schuurman 

Eric Siegel 

Noelle Silsbee 

Edward Silva 


Class of 2008 - Junior Portraits 

Nichole Simbeck 
Amy Sinclair 
Kevin Skinner 
Ryan Smiddy 
Amelia Smith 
Alexander Solon 

Samantha Souza 
Jademarie Spada 
William Starratt 
Francis Stevens 
Katherine Stevenson 
Jessica Stira 

Kathryn Stone 
Jaclyn Sugrue 
Brian Sullivan 
Ryan Sullivan 
Renee Surprenant 
Brian Svensson 

Victoria Tanzella 
Ashley Taylor 
Casandra Taylor 
Nigel Thorpe 
Corey Tobin 
Peter Tummino 

Sarah Turner 
Andrew Valente 
Balakrishna Vemula 
Andrew Voipe 
Charles Waitt 
Kayla Ward 

William Wareham IV 
Ryan Webster-Sawyer 
Lauren Westerberg 
Alelia Whalen 
Max Wilkins 
Matthew Williams 

Brittany Winchell 
Brittanni Winn 
Cameron Woodbury 

Juniors Not Pictured: David Ballou, Thomas Barron, Scott Bernard, Jenna DiGirolamo, Kyle Lunt.^F 
Aleena Melkonian, Maryellen Perry, Brian Riley ir 


Class of 2008 - Junior Portraits 


Kathryn Abell 

Kristi Adiey 

Melissa Amato 

Brandon Anderson 

Tristan Anderson 

Amanda Appleby 

Kayla Beaudin 

Richard Belding 

Stephanie Benson 

Ericka Beraldi 

Yusef Bhatti 

Ruth Blaisdell 

Nicole Bockus 
Nicole Bonaccolto 
Scott Bonica 
Scott Bonish 
Patrick Boyle 
Ryan Breslin 

Ashlee Bresnahan 

Breyanna Brewer 

Briana Brown 

Michelle Brown 

Kristen Browne 

Molly Brule 

Kendra Burke 

Jamie Burns 

Brittney Cain 

Joseph Castiglia 

Andrew Cazeau 

Joseph Cerbone 

Elizabeth Chin 

Michael Chiricosta 

Amanda Church 

Ivy Co 

Ashley Coates 

Nicole Coccoluto 

Allison Collins 

Leonard Colometo 

Christopher Colosimo 

Ashleigh Connaghan 

Erin Conway 

Erin Copeland 



Class of 2009 - Sophomore Portraits 

Valeri Crampton 
Shawn Crosby 
Erin Crowley 
Elizabeth Crupi 
James Cummings 
Kayla D'Arcangelo 

Philip D'Arcangelo 
Gabrielle D'Entremont 
Rocco Danieli 
Dinelson DelaCruz 
Daniel Dellisola 
Mark DelRossi 

Michael DeNufrio 
Ronsard Desrosiers 
Brandon Devlin 
Jose Diaz 
Dawn DiCicco 
Arnica DiMambro 

Daniel Dinh 
James DiNuccio 
Amanda Donahue 
Stephen Doucette 
Ethan Downs 
Kimberly Evans 

John Fahey 
Arianna Faro 
Rachel Faulkner 
Michael Faustino 
Jenelie Femino 
Rachel Ferraro 

Caria Figucia 
Kevin Flanagan 
Samantha Fletcher 
Brian Flynn 
Robert Folk 
Jeff Francois 

Alyssa Gallarelli 
Lindsay Garrard 
Mark Geanakakis 
Lauren Genovese 
Joseph Gettler 
Daniel Giamberardino 

Class of 2009 - Sophomore Portraits 


Emily Gilson 

Jamie Gingras 

Josepli Giorlando 

Kayla Godding 

David Golden 

Julie Gorman 

Laurence Gormley 

Bridget Griffin 

Matthew Hachey 

Ashley Haigh 

Mary Hall 

Dillon Halliday 

Kerry Hanafin 

Jared Hayes 

Nicholas Hayes 

Adrienne Heenan 

Samantha Herra 

Jordan Higgs 

Matthew Hogan 

Donald Holbert 

Kayla Howland 

Bradford Jackson II 

Charlotte Jensen 

Shannon Jones 

Colleen Kennedy 

Ryan Kennedy 

Eric Kenney 

Jennifer Kerins 

Matthew Kincaid 

Cory Kulacz 

Tara LeBlanc 

James Leverone 

Eric Lunt 

Alessandra Lyman 

Colin MacDonald 

Russell MacDonald 

Angela Maglione 

Hillary Mahoney 

Melissa Mahoney 

Jacquelyn Mailey 

Thomas Maio 

Daniel Malonson 


Class of 2009 - Sophomore Portraits 


•r ■-.^ 



Michael Manganelli 
Laurie-ann Mansir 
Matthew Maravelis 
Anthony Marinella 
Cassandra Maroney 
Caitlin Martins 

Mario Martins 
Cory Mason 
Stephen McDonald 
Andrew McGrath 
Kelsea McGuire 
Erin McMahon 

Theresa McMahon 
Arianna Meixler 
Craig Melillo 
Melissa Mello 
Kayla Merola 
Melissa Merola 

John Michaud 
Eric Miranda 
Nicholas Monteforte 
Dean Moran 
Amanda Morgan 
Donald Morse 

Meghan Mulrenan 
Brendan Murphy 
Devon Murphy 
Lauren Nasiff 
Alicia Nazzaro 
Anthony Nelson 

Paxton Nicholas 
Anthony Nihan 
Shannon O'Donoghue 
Jessen O'Leary 
Madyson Ohiman 
Carmen Palumbo 

Nira Pandya 
Vyctoria Pantano 
Ryan Parker 
Tim Parker 
Jonathan Parrella 
Eric Parsons 

Class of 2009 - Sophomore Portraits 



MituI Patel 

Erica Patton 

Jason Pereira 

Samantha Perkins 

Jared Peters 

Emily Pothier 

Katelyn Ray 

Dylan Reed 

Michael Reed 

Amanda Reis 

Josalyne Resendes 

Holly Reynolds 

Anthony Richard 

Catherine Riley 

Kaitlyn Riley 

Amanda Robichaud 

Lisa Rooker 

Alexandria Rose 

Natalie Russo 

Nicholas Russo 

Sheibi Rygiel 

Andrea Sanderson 

Camille Santana 

Alan-michael Santos 

Corinne Sartoris 

Erica Savage 

Sheila Scanlan 

Michael Scola 

Ryan Searles 

Jonathan See 

Kyle Serine 

Michael Sheerin 

Courtney Shelton 

Edward Sheridan 

Nicole Sheridan 

Lorraine Simoneau 

Miranda Simpson 
Frank Sorrentino 

Annemarie Souza 

Jennell Spatola 

Jonathan Spurr 

Joshua Steeves 


Class of 2009 - Sophomore Portraits 

'. i 



Stephen Stewart 
Stephen Sughrue 
Erica Sullivan 
Matthew Sullivan 
Sean Tavares 
Paige Thebeau 

Christopher Thibault 
Ryan Townsend 
Michael Tran 
Danielle Underwood 
Kenneth Vassallo 
Anthony Vibert Jr 

Nicole Vigneau 
Leejoan Villafuerte 
Devon Waite 
David Wang 
Brian Ward 
Lauren Waring 

Jennifer Weber 
Michelle White 
Kaila Whooley 
Brian Williams 
Nicholas Williams 
Colin Wilson 

Steven Wingate 
Stephanie Woods 
Maureen Worthington 
Allison Yee 

Sophomores Not Pictured: Steven Cabral, Ryan Fields, Ronald Greenberg, Timothy Korajczyk, 
David McNee 

Class of 2009 - Sophomore Portraits 


Katie Adiey 

Danielle Allan 

Brenda Anderson 

Francis Augeilo III 

Cheisie Babcock 

Daniel Baima 

Martin Bamberg 

Charles Barbaro 

Stefany Barcellos 

Richard Barry 

Ryan Bemis 

Kaileigh Bernardo 

Kyle Bernardo 

Nicole Bicheler 

Janae Biggs 

Christian Blaise 

Allison Bleier 

Michelle Bortone 

Jerene Boudreau 

Patrick Boudreau 

Nicholas Boutoures 

Julie Braid 

Jacob Briere 

Miles Brooks 

Christina Brown 

Amy Brule 

Sarah Brule 

Jessica Buczynski 

Jessica Burke 

Brittany Burns 

Evan Butters 

Kristen Cabral 

Kellyn Campbell 

Jacqueline Carbone 

Leigha Carroll 

Cole Carter 

Nicole Cataldo 

Christopher Cazeau 

Sherin Chakoian 

Micah Chelen 

Sarah Choi 

Kimberlee Cianciulli 

Class of 2010 - Freshman Portraits 

Christopher Cieplik 
Brendan Collins 
Sarah Colosimo 
Ian Conway 
Alexandra Copp 
Brian Cote 

Brian Coutu 
Andrew Cranford 
Elizabeth Crannell 
Kyle Creedon 
Andrew Crispin 
Heather Crowe 

Christopher Crowley 
Casey Cullinane 
Gina Curreri 
Kyle Curtis 
Daniel Cushing 
Emily D'Amelio 

Katelyn Daley 
Kayla Davidson 
Randi Davis 
Alicia Days 
Ceara Dembowski 
Ryan Derian 

Scott DeRonde 
Scott Derrickson 
Bradon Detwiler 
Thomas Dinh 
Vanessa Domond 
Paul Duffy 

Gabrielle Emerzian 
Patrick Enwright 
Elizabeth Pagan 
Amy Fahey 
Patrick Fahey 
Deanna Fantasia 

Keegan Farnham 
Bryan Fennelly 
Dana FerrantI 
Gregory Fields 
Joshua Finocchio 
Brian Fitzpatrick 

Class of 2010 - Freshman Portraits 


Jaclyn Fitzpatrick 

Kevin Flaherty 

Lance Flaherty 

Andrew Flood 

Kristen Fogarty 

Colin Foley 

Daniel Folk 

Colleen Frackleton 

Brittani French 

Jillian Fudge 

Olivia Fuller 

Sean Furlong 

Samantha Galasso 

Liam Gately 

Mariel Gearty 

Jenna Giambrone 

Denis Gingras 

Nolan Giroux 

Melissa Gold 

Ashley Gonzalez 

Lauren Griffin 

Julie Gustafson 

Laurence Harrington 

Jefree Harris 

Stefan ie Hartka 

Aline Haunton 

Katelyn Hayes 

Katherine Hill 

Amanda Hollenbeck 

Candace Irving 

Danielle Johnston 

Jeffrey Kannally 

Andrea Karalekas 

Sean Keane 

Shannon Keeley 

Meghan Kelley 

Patrick Kelley 

Michael Kelly 

Stephanie Kelly 

Jillian Lacey 

Dennis Landry 

Matthew Larffarello 


Class of 2010 - Freshman Portraits 




Sarah Lavoie 
Alex-joseph Leiskau 
Kenneth Listen 
Steven Lowell 
Nicole Luz 
Jacqueline Lyman 

Daniel MacKinnon 
James Magnarelli 
Ryan Malone 
Dhruv Manek 
Bryanne Mara 
James Marra 

Lindsay Masotta 
Michael Mazzei 
Daniel McCarthy 
Megan McCool 
Risa McDonald 
William McGrath 

Brittney McLaughlin 
Debra McNeil 
Victoria Mendelson 
Brett Mouse 
Samantha Miara 
Arianna Miranda 

Aaron Misiph 
Vincent Montello 
Brendan Mooney 
John Moriarty 
Katherine Mullen-Fournier 
Michael Murphy 

Eric Murray 
Adele Musicant 
Angela Nason 
Jeannie Nguyen 
John O'Brien 
Mckenzie O'Brien 

John O'Connell 
Samantha Palermo 
Mia Paoletti 
Michelle Parece 
Briana Parow 
Laurel Pickett 

Class of 2010 - Freshman Portraits 


Collette Pierce 


Jessica Plante 


Danielle Polcari 

Nicholas Popa 

M V > ^^k 

Thomas Quilty 


Megan Quintal 


Joseph Rastellini 

Jared Ravagni 

Katerina Reilly 

Kayla Reynolds 

Chris Rivera 

Jessica Rivera 

Justin Rivera 

Jonathan Rizzo 

Allison Robbins 

Caleb Rogers 

Zachary Rosa 

Maria Rossetti 

Lisa Russell 

Meghan Ryan 

Tossapol Saenchandi 

Christian Sanborn 

Vincent Schuurman 

Mark Scullari 

Omair Shaikh 

Cameron Shepard 

Rachel Silsbee 

Christina Silva 

Melinda Silva 

Alex Sirois 

Brittany Smith 

Kaitlyn Souza 

Derek Stemmler 

Jessica Stukey 

Danielle Sugrue 

Alyssa Sullivan 

Christie Sullivan 

Ian Sullivan 

Kelsey Sullivan 

Sean Sullivan 

Thomas Surette 

Michael Tedesco Jr 

102 Class of2010- Freshman Portraits 


Robert Teoli 
Joshua Townsend 
Christina Tran 
Aubrey Ungvarsky 
Charles Valente 
Thomas Valente 

Carolina Veloso 
Khang Vo 
Vinh Vo 
Kayla Walkling 
Kristina Walsh 
Sarah Ward 

Joseph Warren 
Stephanie Weymouth 
Tyler Whalen 
Lauren Wickwire 
Michael Wilkinson 
Michele Winchell 

Amelia Woodbury 
Timothy Woodland 
Christine Woods 
Jacquilyn Zaremba 
Nikki Zarrella 

Freshmen Not Pictured: Elizabeth Himmel, Christopher Laquidara, Linda Le, Elizabeth Liberacki, 
Patrick Welch 

Class of 2010 - Freshman Portraits 103 


■^^ '-A 




f'.* •■ 

VnrsitY Sports 

Fall and Winter Sports 1 05 

; • 




The 2006 Football Season ended on 
a strong note as the team finished as 
CAL champs and beat Tewksbury for 
the fourth consecutive year (a first 
in the history of this rivalry). The 
same Thanksgiving Day victory over 
Tewksbury gave Coach Almeida his 
100th win. 

While the team started slow with a 
3-2 record, six straight wins (with 
tremendous victories over North An- 
dover and Pentucket) put the team in 
good standing. Rich Barry had a great 
season, running over 1500 yards. Se- 
niors Josh Mayo, Kyle Borseti, Greg 
Stewart, Brendan DeMango, and Ryan 
Jones also enjoyed a successful final 

Final record: 9-2 

Team Roster: K. Adams, T. Anderson, J. Baldwin, R. Barry. T. Barry, S. Bbnica, E. Borseti, K. 
Borseti. M. Brooks. K. Carter. R Cassidy. K. Cavanaugli, A. Cazeau, L. Cimafelia, L. Colmetto, S. 
Cruz, M. DeLuca, B. DeMango, M. DeNufrio. M. Derian, M. Enright, S. Fa ley, J. Franscois, A. 
George, C. Groves, D. Halliday, C. Holland, B. Jackson, R. Jones, K. Joyce, J. I jncaid, M. Kincaid 
M. Larffarello. M. Leonardo, B. Liston. R. Loring. E. Lunt, J. Lyons, D. Malon^on, M. Manganelli 
J. Mayo, E. Mello, N. Mercer, J. Michaud, R Minghella. K. Moon, D. Moran, D " 
Parella, M. Pizzotti, C. Rastellini, N. Russo, A. Santos, R. Searles, V. See, J. Sm 

Stewart, s" Stewart', M. Sullivan. C. Thibault. C. Travers. N. Underwood. A. V bert. K. Wayshville 
B. Williams, M. Williams; Coaches: R. Almeida. M. Barry. C. Stauffer. R. Delucia 

Morse, A. Nihan. J. 
th. F. Sorrentino, G. 



S^ *7 

106 WHS Varsity Sports 

* ifNl^ 


Team Roster: D. Allan, N. Allan, N. Bonacolto, K. Burke, K. Cabral, K. Ciampa, A. 
Ciulla, J. Crowley, '. I. D'Arcangelo, K. Fraser, K. Gallant, S. Jones, T. LeBlanc, K. 
Reynolds, K. Riley, G. Rozzo, L. Russell, A. Sinclair, M. Sorrentino, S. Sauve, V. Tan- 
zella, K. Ward, J. W slch, B. Winn; Coach: N. Sullivan 


Captains Jennelle Ciulla, Maggie 
Sorentino, and Jessica Welch helped 
lead the 2006 Fall Cheerleading 
Team to a successful finish. Named 
Cape Ann League Champions, this 
team also placed well at several ma- 
jor competitions. 

The team was a finalist in the North 
Regional Division 3 Competition and 
placed third in the State Champion- 
ship. The girls also received a bid to 
Nationals from the state. Senior Jes- 
sica Welch was a Cape Ann League 

* /. 





The Boys Varsity Soccer Team had 
a great season. While the team was 
young and expectations were fairly 
low, the boys managed to pull to- 
gether after a rocky 0-3 start. Es- 
tablishing themselves as a dominant 
team, the boys finished just one point 
away from the CAL title. 

Making it to the state tournament, 
the boys fought hard but lost in the 
first round. However, the team was 
responsible for giving North Reading 
it's only loss for the season. 

With great goal tending by Vinny 

Papageorgiou and a strong offense, 

the Boys Varsity Soccer team had a 

fantastic year. 

Final record: 10-6-3 

Team Roster: C. Azevedo, J. fielding. C. Bush, M. Condell, B. Doh jrty, N. Famsworth, 
M. Figueirdo. A. Goosens, R. Kennedy. C. Lavin. C. Lentini. V. Papa^ eorgiou. E. Parsons. 
J. Perreira. J. Polcari, D. Reed, N. Robarge, T. Saenchandi. P. Schult , J. Serino. J. Spurr; , 
Coach: S. Scanlon 

WHS Varsity Sports 




D. Bamberg, B. Bo: 
A. Stone, K. Cole, 1 
Woods, K. Hayes, I 


zella, S. Canning, L. DelRossi, A. Lacey, K. Maggio, T. Martinello, 
Potcner, N. Bockus, E. Chin, C. Jensen, C. Kennedy, L. Nasiff, S. 
McLaughlin, D. Polcari, K. Souza, J. Zaremba; Coach: S. Hendree 

j4 «• "a^'n^^T^ 

Girls Soccer 

Led by tri-captains Taryn Martinello, 
Brianne Bozzella, and Amanda 
Stone, the Girls Varsity Soccer team 
had a tremendous season, improving 
to a 10-7-1 record. For the fourth 
year in a row, the girls qualified for 
the Division 2 North Sectional Tour- 

Commended for their achievements, 
Brianne Bozzella, Sam Canning, and 
Charlotte Jensen, and Katie Cole 
were selected for the League All-Star 
team, while Taryn Martinello was 
named All-Conference. 

Final record: 10-8-1 







Cr^ "" W^"' 



w\ -it. 


The 2006 Field Hockey team had a 
successful season in comparison to 
the previous year. The team over- 
came multiple injuries, and players 
stepped up their game to fill in. 

The team's three wins came against 
Hamilton- Whenham, Rockport, and 
Newburyport, all of which were 
equally exciting. 

The team worked well together and 
is looking forward to an even more 
successful season next year. 

Final record: 3-15-1 

Team Roster: K. Arsenault, S. Bramantecohen, D. Carroll, C. Casstm, K. Cremens, C. 
Doherty, K. McGrath, D. Robarge, N. Burke, L. Carroll, S. Choi, G. 
R. Haggerty, J. Murphy, M. Pickett, S. Reilly; Coach: C. Mutchler 

Ilollins, N. Engram, 

tirv -• V 


Team Roster: K, 
vese, E. Copeland, 
Weymouth; Coach: 

w^ - 'ill 


t ^^iii J 


. Nelson, L. Villafuerte, S. Sauve, T. Davis, T. McMahon, L. Geno- 
l. laquinto, A. Vitale, A. MagUone, K. Browne, K. McFeeters, A. 
M. Staffier 


The 2006 Volleyball team, led by co- 
captains Ashley Vitale and Christina 
laquinto, had a rough but productive 
season. The girls' efforts and dedi- 
cation were tremendous despite their 

With several young players, the 
focus of this season was to build a 
strong team for the future. Although 
the team did not win many games, 
the Varsity girls grew together both 
on and off the court. 

Final record: 1-18 





.«-?? jfl 

§ t 






The 2006 season was difficult for the 
Boys Cross Country team, but many 
runners on the team improved sig- 

Tom Valente had a great first season, 
and Andrew Marra and Chris Lyon 
continued to do well throughout the 
season, becoming strong assets to 
the team. Jimmy DiNuccio, Matt 
Bibeau, and Brian Connolly also had 
good seasons. 

Overall, the team worked hard and 
ran fast. 

— — r" 





^ ^^'^ Y^L iijii^BBi 



w B'^^^SV 

^P?^ 'H 

<^^^P 'ti^^^^^^lt-'^^^a^^P 


M ^^^^vlv ^^^^MBHi^k^^Hv 








r r' 

-■-"■4^- *>-.>''■ .-.Il^l 

7t^- , ■ '-."-rf*ri' 

Fma/ record: 3-9 

:JiT,.-~:, >. ^-^ ,- . /^.atriKi^;; 

Team Roster: S. Crowe, M. Golden. J. Lippiello, C. Lyon, J. Savage, IV 

B. Foley, A. Marra, S. Oglesby, E. Silva, C. Tobin, A. Valente, J. DiNiccio, 

R. MacDonald, S. Keane, T. Valente; Coach: T. Bradley 

Bibeau, T. Calway. 
io, T. Korajczyk. 



Team Roster: C. 
M. Ryan, K 
gnano, K. Spry, L. 

Pj rsons, K. Silvia, M. Keane, I. Co, A. Lyman, N. Russo, L. Waring 
Callah in, B. Doherty, M. Filippi, A. Fisher, L. Fletciier, R Miller, N. Siri 
I litchins, C. Peffer ; Coach: T. Bradley 

Girls Cross 

The Girls Cross Country team grew 
significantly over the season due to 
the addition of many talented 7th 
and 8th grade girls. Several girls had 
times that broke the team's previous 

At the state race, the team tied for 
10th place, and after a successful 
7-5 season, the girls managed to 
achieve the best record for a WHS 
Girls Cross Country team in almost 
20 years. 

Final record: 7-5 

fim^C j^^^'^ 




&' -v'^ «£*:it»flBH 





9i||IN-"...;^'V^^ ^^^^1 


K -"^''-'''^^^^l 



The Wildcats had a 3-9 season, with 
many freshmen playing regularly in 
matches. Headed by Coach Rowin- 
ski, the team failed to make the state 
qualifiers but put up a valiant show- 
ing. Captain Jason Evans placed 
third out of 80 players in the state 
qualifiers but was forced to withdraw 
from the state tournament due to 
medical reasons. 

The future looks good for the Wilm- 
ington Golf team, which has nu- 
merous star underclassmen. Both 
seniors, Brendan Sheehan and Jason 
Evans had terrific seasons, both hav- 
ing the top two totals in birdies. 

Final record: 3-9 




Team Roster: J.Evans, B. Sheehan, T. Gushing, A. Dooley, C. Wai t 
Bonnish, N. Boutoures, A. Maranella, J. Townsend; Coach: M. Row 

M. Chiricosta. S 



114 WHS Varsity Sports 

' ■ -. .1. j 



r# ♦ 


Team Roster: K. Ad^s, J. Bodah, C. Hall, N. Mercer, S. Sousa, T. Summers, J. Tranfa- 
glia, K. Wayshville,/A. Barbuzzi, A. Dave, K. Joyce, B. Listen, J. Loranger, S. Marsh, 
S. Murphy, J. Osgocd, C. Rivera, A. Solon, R. Danieli, R D'Arcanglio, E. Downs, 
D. Halliday. R. Ker nedy, A. Nihan, N. Russo, J. Steeves, S. Sughrue, M. Sullivan, C. 
Wilson, K. Bernard >, C. Cazeau, S. Furlong, J. Marra, M. Mazzei, G. Saechardi, H. 
Schneckcloth. V. Scpuurman, A. Sirois, J. Townsend, C. Valante, T. Woodland; Coach: 
M. Pimental 


The 2006-2007 Wilmington Wild- 
cat wrestling team opened eyes on 
the mat this season. Led by senior 
captains Kenny Adams and Nathan 
^jM^ Mercer, junior captain Kenny Joyce, 
^^ and seniors Kirk Wayshville, Cliff 
hall, and Steve Sousa, the Wildcats 
finished the regular season with a 
record of 10-9. The 'Cats fell to 
Tyngsboro in the first round of the 
post season. Team success was ac- 
companied by remarkable individual 
accomplishments as the wrestlers 
produced two Cape Ann League 
tournament finalists with sophomore 
Steve Sughrue at 103 lbs and senior 
Kirk Wayshville at 171 lbs. The 
'Cats also qualified two wrestlers for 
the Division III State Tournament 
- 140 lbs captain Kenny Adams and 
103 lbs headliner Steve Sughrue. 
Sughrue capped off an impressive 
season as he dominated the mat and 
won the Cape Ann League, Division 
III North Sectional, and Division II 
State gold medalist. 


■Vjf* ^ 









The boys varsity basketball team had 
a great season, going 17-3. Coach 
McCue led the varsity Wildcats 
throughout the season. The captains 
of the team were seniors John Oli- 
vere and Greg Stewart. The Wildcats 
made it to the semi qualifier of the 
state tournament, loosing to Bedford. 
Senior players included John Oli- 
vere, Dan Patterson, Greg Stewart, 
and Mike Thomas. 

Final record: 1 7-3 

WHS Varsity Sports 







Team Roster: J. Olivere. D. Patterson. G. Stewart. M. Thomas. M 
M. Brooks. M. Derian, Z. Fahey. K. Moon, M. Manganelli. C. Meli 
Cune. T. Woods 

Bibeau. E. Borseti. 
lo: Coaches: J. Mc- 


^ t 






Team Roster: B. Bqzzella, K. Sullivan, A. Vitale, A. Brown, L. Hitchins, N. Melkonian, 
S. Sauve. B. Winchill, K. Browne, J. Bums, L. Nasiff, A. Fahey; Coach: J. Keane 





I I I I I i 


Led by Seniors Ashley Vitale and 
Brianne Bozzella, the Lady Cats 
completed a record-breaking season 
for WHS. Advancing to the Divi- 
sion III State tournament, the girls 
knocked off the top-seeded team 
in an overtime thriller at the North 
Semi-Final. Moving them onto to 
their first appearance at the Tsongas 
Arena, they battled for the North 
Sectional title. Although they came 
up short by a mere two points, the 
girls ended a respectable season at 
20-4, and captain Ashley Vitale cap- 
tured a WHS Girls Basketball record, 
scoring her 1000th career point! 

Final record: 1 7-3 

Boys Hockey 

The Wilmington High School Boys 
Ice Hockey team, led by Coach 
Steve Scanlon, finished this year's 
season with a 7-11-2 record. The 
captains were Zach Church, Bryan 
Kelley, and Eric Siegel. This year the 
team won the Haverhill Christmas 
Tournament with the game winning 
goal in overtime going to Bryan Kel- 
ley to beat Haverhill. This year's all 
star representatives for WHS were 
Shane Foley, Ernie Mello, and Mike 
Cabral. Seniors Zach Church and 
Zack Ciampa were a defensive force 
and George Boudreau had a power- 
ful impact on offense. The team had 
a respectable season and has a bright 
future ahead of them. "^-'^^^ii 

Fif2al record: 7-11-2 

Team Roster: G. Boudreau. Z. Church. Z. Ciampa, S. Foley. B. Kelley M. Cabral. T. Gush- 
ing, M. Enwright. S. Fay. K. Fitzpatrick, A. Goossens, J. Kincaid. E. N lello. N. Robarge. E 
Siegal, B. Svensson. C. Tobin. M. Wilkins, K. Flanagan, T. Parker: toach: S. Scanlon 


^ 9 



Team Roster: L. Habnan, J. Scioli, M. Tucker, A. Valeri, C. Magee, M. Pescatore, B. 
Griffin, K. Howlanc , K. Lussier, T. McMaiion, K. McQuillin, A. Nazzaro, K. Ray, K. 
Souza, A. Woodbur ', S. Alonardo, F. Gately, M. Pickett, M. Souza, K. Brandono, C. 
Kusa; Coach: J. M( Mahon 

'v / 

Girls Hockey 

The team went out with a 8-0 record 
in their own league, and made it to 
the semi-finals of the state tourna- 
ment, but unfortunately lost to Barn- 
stable in a shootout. However, the 
girls had their best season yet and are 
looking forward to the competition 
next year. The two captains included: 
Maria Tucker and Jessica Scioli. 
They were a huge part of the team 
and both hit major milestones in their 
hockey careers. The team ended the 
season with an overall record of 19- 
3-1 and they couldn't have achieved 
this without the help of their dedi- 
cated coaches: Joe McMahon, Ken 
DeMaggio, Bob Murphy, Jim Daw- 
son, Julie Brisbois, and Sherri Mills. 

Final record: 19-3-1 


Boys Indoor 

Wilmington's Varsity track team 
had an exceptional year under Head 
Coach Cripps, and Coach Marti- 
niello. The team went 3-6-1 on the 
season, under the captainship of 
seniors Mike Golden, John Lippiello, 
Brad Colegrove, and junior Nathan 
Clarkin. Five members, seniors Eric 
"Sneaky" Russo, Mike Golden, and 
juniors Nathan Clarkin, Tom Barry, 
and freshman Kevin Flaherty quali- 
fied for the state tournament. In addi- 
tion, the 4x4, 4x2, and 4x8 teams all 
competed at the state tournament. 

Final record: 3-6-1 

Team Roster: J. Belding. I. Co. B. Colegrove. S. Crowe. R. Dooley. S. Fahey. M. Golden. 
Marfleet. E. Russo. H. Shaikh. M. Stewart. C. Bush. T. Calw ay. .A. Capone. N. Clarkin. .A 
B. Foley, A. George. N. Jannone. J. Kaufman. K. Little. K. Lunt. A. Marra. S. Oglesby. E 

Valente. M. Williams. M. Chiracosta. J. Diaz. J. DiNuccio. B. Folk. J. Francois. D. Gol ien. R. MacDonald. T. 

Nelson. J. Peters. K. Vassallo. D. Baima. K. Flaheny. J. Kannally. D. Manek. C. Rogers. 
J. Warren: Coach: B Cripp^ 

Lippiello. C. Lyon. S. 
Jooley. N. Famsw orUi. 
Siha. R Tummino. .\. 

\yente. K. Vo. V. Vo. 






Team Roster: K. Crefrnens, A. Lacey, T. Martiniello, C. Parsons, K. Silvia, S. Baima, A. 
Brush, L. Clark, K. (tola, K. Diaz, J. DiNuccio, K. Hanson, S. Hoang, A. Kealos, M. Keane, 
T. Kindred, D. Milei, A. Mitchell, K. Murphy, K. Ozelis, L. Prinzivalli, A. Smith, A. Taylor, 
S. Turner, K. Adley,jE. Beraldi, B. Brown, L. Chin, E. Conway, E. Copeland, J. Gingras, J. 
Gorman, M. Hall, C . Jensen, E. McMahon, D. Murphy, C. Pulmbo, C. Shelton, L. Waring, K. 
Wooley, M. Worthii gton, K. Campbell, A. Days, J. Lacey, J. Lyman, D. McNeil, B. Smith, A. 
Ungvarsky, L. Wicl wire; Coaches: T. Bradley, R. Rufo 










Girls Indoor 

Girls track has had a pretty success- 
ful season this year. The team has 
had many long lasting memories. 
The coaches had a great influence 
on the hard work that was put in this 
season. The coaches pushed the team 
to be the best it could. Although we 
will miss our seniors and this year's 
captains, we are looking forward to a 
new season next year. The Wildcat's 
track team was led by senior captains 
Kim Silvia and Courtney Parsons. 

i 1 

\ 1 





K / 



2M / 

-is 41 

^K^VjVy^'^ "% ^K^B 

1 Jk 


~9v - w 



The basketball cheerleaders were 
led by Senior Captains Jennelle 
Ciulla and Maggie Sorrentino. This 
year's team had a perfect season by 
winning the Cape Ann League, the 
North Regional, their first ever State 
Championship. The team traveled 
to Baltimore, MD and captured the 
National Champion title as well. 

Team Roster: J. Ciulla, M. Sorrentino, J. Welch, N. Allen, K. Ciampa. 
K. Fraser. K. Gallant. G. Rozzo. A. Sinclair, S. Suave, V. Tanzella, K 
Bonacolto. K. Burke, K. D" Arcangelo, S. Jones, T. LeBlanc. K. Riley 
K. Reynolds. L. Russel: Coach: N. Sullivan 

Ciulla, J. Crowley, 

Ward. B. Winn. N. 

D. Allan. K. Cabral. 


122 WHS Varsity Sports 

Academic Decathlon 

Bread and Roses 

Chess Club 

Class Officers 

Club WHS 

Concert Choir 

Dance Dance Revolution 

Drama Club 


Foreign Lan^age Club 

Gay Straight Alliance 

Marching Band 

Math League 

Medical Careers 


Mock Trial 

Model UN 

National Honor Society 

Rotary Interact 


Science Club 



Student Council 

Student Representatives 

to the School Committee 

Wildcat News 




WHS Clubs 


'^ir _ 

Academic Decathlon 

Advisor: Mr. Kevin Riley 

The Wilmington Academic Decathlon competes 
with teams of students from high schools across 
the state in a series of ten academic events. These 
events cover Economics, Language and Litera- 
ture. Mathematics, Music, Fine Arts, and Social 
Science. Students are given awards based both on 
individual and team achievements. A unique aspect 
of the program is that each nine-member team must 
consist of three students each with "A", "B", and 
■'C" grade point averages. Students may be in any 
grade and an unlimited number of alternatives may 
also compete. 

Chess Club 

Advisor: Mr. David Sundberg 

Chess club is where the school's premier chess 
players meet every Monday to engage in battles of 
wits. Under the direction of Chess Master Sund- 
berg, members of the club learn and develop their 
games in order to improve. Meetings are held in 
Room 207 from 2:05 to 3:30 pm. 



^r ^^^^V^ *v^^^r *■ *^^^L^^ ^1 

^^^^B^^^B 'w i^^l^H ^^^^^^B V^ M 

L-'' jj/^ 

Bread and Roses 

Advisor: Mrs. Sue Rowe 

Bread and Roses is a club open to all students in 
the school that want to help out by bringing in 
food for the less fortunate. We collect such things 
as cans, paper towels, cooked meals, and desserts. 
After collecting the food it is brought to Bread and 
Roses in Lawrence where the less fortunate go to 
have a good meal. 

Club WHS 

Advisor: Mrs. Lisa Lucia 

Club W.H.S. is a newly formed club by Mrs. Lu- 
cia, the club advisor, Richie FeruUo, the president, 
and Stefanie Williams, the vice-president. It helps 
promote a sense of community and an enriching, 
practical life experience. Furthermore, a bond is 
forged between high school students and the town 
of Wilmington in which they live in. From picking 
up litter, to cleaning teacher's rooms, to helping 
out at the Buzzel senior center, this club offers their 
services to anyone. It is important to not only take 
from the community, but to also give back. 


WHS Clubs 

Concert Choir 

Advisor: Mr. Jason Luciana 

The Concert Choir is a 32-member group of sing- 
ers who rehearse classical, jazz and pop repertoire 
daily. While rehearsing, the choir also studies 
music theory, history and performs presentations 
on a regular basis focused on a topic being studied 
during the year. This year, the Concert Choir was 
proud to have been able to perform in New York 
City at St.. John the Divine Cathedral, the largest 
cathedral in the world. 

Dance Dance Revolution 

Advisor: Mrs. Tara Ettinger 

DDR is a revolutionary game mainly for the Play- 
station 2 (and arcades, and occasionally XBox) that 
involves jumping around on a foam mat to techno 
music. It's not exactly dancing, but it's close 
enough. That's where the game obtains it's name: 
Dance Dance Revolution. Obviously DDR club is 
a group of wacky kids who dedicate the occasional 
! Friday afternoon to this strange craze. 





'-MA ■ 










i Expressions 

Advisor: Ms. Tammy Ross 

"Expressions,." Wilmington High School's Art 
and Literary Magazine, showcases the art, poetry, 
fiction, and other creative work of students in 
grades 9-12. "Expressions" is open to all students 
interested in the planning and the production of 
the publication, which comes out each spring. 
The first edition came out in Spring 2003, and the 
Spring 2005 edition was recently recognized by the 
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). 
The publication received an "Excellent" rating 
in NCTE's Program to Recognize Excellence in 
Student Literary Magazines. 

Drama dub 

Advisor: Mr. Jason Luciana 

The WHS Drama Club is composed of students 
who rehearse and perform in various theatrical 
productions throughout the school year. We not 
only perform a Spring musical each year, but we 
also compete in the Massachusetts High School 
Drama Guild Festival; a one act competition held 
in the late Winter. We also take field trips on a 
regular basis to venues like the North Shore Music 
Theatre, Improv Boston and the University of New 
Hampshire to attend performances and workshops 
to improve our craft. 

WHS Clubs 


Foreign Language Club 

Advisors: Ms. Terresa Retro and 
Mrs. Joanne Veliz 

The Foreign Language Club is a club where a di- 
verse group of people can come together to learn 
and have fun with the different cultures around the 
world. In the past, the club has held fundraisers to 
help benefit children in poverty-stricken countries 
and help them have a better life. The Foreign 
Language Club has also gone on a field trip to wit- 
ness Flamenco dancing up close, followed by an 
authentic Spanish feast. This club has learned to 
salsa dance, created traditional holiday mosaics, 
and so much more. 

Gay Straight Alliance 

Advisor: Mr. Jason Luciana 

The G.S.A. is a group of students who focus on 
diversity in our complex society. We meet twice a 
month to discuss issues such as race, homosexual- 
ity and religious diversity and their place both in 
the schools and in the world at large. This year 
the G.S.A. attended the GLBT Youth Conference 
in Tewksbury, MA in an outreach attempt with 
other schools. 

Marching Band 

Advisor: Ms. Barbara Mette 

WHS's marching band is very active throughout 
the year. In August, band members attend band 
camp and begin working on their marching. They 
perform a halftime show at each home foot- 
ball game — this season their theme was movie 
soundtracks and they performed songs from Pirates 
of the Caribbean, Shrek, and Grease. The band also 
performs in several parades each year, and every 
other year they take a trip. Last year they marched 
in the parade down Main Street USA in Disney 
World. This year, the band and colorguard had 
over 100 members. 

Math League 

Advisor: Mrs. Gayle Masse 

Wilmington High School is a member of the New 
England Math League. As part of this league, the 
WHS Math League members compete in a monthly 
test. The club meets on the first or second Tues- 
day of every month, where meetings consist of 
members taking a six question test in an allotted 
amount of time. 


WHS Clubs 

' .^j 


.^- H^ 


■ » 

Medical Careers dub 

Advisor: Mrs. Sue Rowe 

The medical careers club is a club for anyone 
interested in working in some kind of health care 
or medical research career. The members go on 
field trips and have guest speakers to learn more 
about possible careers; they have gone to New 
England Medical Center, Children's Hospital and 
Lahey Clinic to shadow healthcare professionals. 
Every other year, the members organize and attend 
a Medical Careers Cub Open House, where many 
professionals including dentists, nurses, social 
workers, researchers and paramedics set up booths 
about their profession and answer questions. The 
club's goal is to help students decide if a career in 
medicine is right for them. 


Advisor: Ms. Linda Peters 

Mentoring is a program where older students show 
the new freshman around WHS. It helps freshman 
fmd their classes, open their lockers, and meet the 
upperclassmen. Besides having the usual orienta- 
tion day, the mentors had an ice cream social, so 
the freshman and their parents could ask questions. 
Also, a mentor-freshman volleyball/pizza night was 
held, which was very successful. 

Model UN 

Advisor: Mr. Matthew Hackett 

Model UN gives students the opportunity to dis- 
cover through simulation how the United Nations 
works to collectively promote world peace and 
cooperation on a variety of issues. The main focus 
of the club is to prepare to attend conferences in 
which each student is assigned a country and a 
council of the UN which is debating a particularly 
important international current affair and must work 
to compromise and pass a resolution. Students who 
enjoy politics, world affairs, other cultures, debat- 
ing, and compromise will love Model UN. 

Mock Trial 

Advisor: Mr. Mark Staffier and Ms. 
Tracey Kassin 

The 2007 Mock Trial Program attracted 115 high 
school teams from all regions of the common- 
wealth. The goal of the program is to further an 
understanding of the law, court procedures, and 
our legal system while helping students to sharpen 
their analytical, listening and speaking skills. It also 
seeks to promote better communication and coop- 
eration between the school community and legal 
profession. This year, the defendant was charged 
with Vehicular Homicide while under the influence 
of alcohol by operating negligently, a felony. 

WHS Clubs 


National Honor Societ^r 

Ad^"isor: Mi'. Joseph Klepoiiis 

The Na.:cnl Hrnors SocieU' has been recognized 
for a number of projects this year. They have been 
dedicated to the Wihnington Food Pantrv" as well 
as participating in the annual food drive. Their big- 
gest undertaking involved organizing a competitive 
food drive around the high school, which raised 
over 1000 non-perishables for the food pantry and 
local heroes. 

Rotary Interact 

Advisor: Mr. Jack Cushing 

Rotar> Interact is a great community ser\ ice clut 
filled with energetic and caring students. We have 
done countless acts of cnmmnnin- sendee arounc 
our communit} . This year, we are sending a cow tc 
a third world nation for our international project 
Most of our events benefit senior citizens in the 
community'. The Wilmington High Interact Clut 
attended a district 7930 meeting to integrate wit! 
nearby clubs and set up fundraisers that benefit the 


Advisor: Mi's. Meghan Estrada 

Smdents Against Destructive Decisions is a club 
dedicated to raising awareness about potentially 
dangerous situations students can get into. The 
mission of S.A.D.D. is "To provide smdents with 
the best prevention and interxention tools possible 
to deal with the issues of underage drinking, other 
drug use. impaired driving and other destructi\ e 
decisions." Throughout the year. S.A.D.D. has done 
the annual anti-smoking campaign, sun eys of ag- 
gressive drixing. "Grim Reaper Day", the "Lights 
on for Life" campaign, and the Deana's Fund skits 
with the middle school students and parents. 

Science Club 

Advisor: Mrs. Michelle Hooper 

The Science Club is in its third year and we have 
more members involved this year than ever. The 
members participate in engineering and science 
projects like catapults, rockets, chromatography, 
growing cr) stals. etc. We also have had great field 
trip opportunities like Bodsvvorlds 2. visiting medi- 
cal laboratories, and working with a pathologist. 
The club gives students an oppormnity experience 
science that is different from the classroom. 


WHS Clubs 




Advisor: Mr. Jason Luciana 

SoundScape is a 14 member auditioned A Ca- 
pella group who rehearse twice a week for three 
total hours. The group performs annually at the 
Performing Arts Winter and Spring concerts as 
well as in the Jazz Concert in April. SoundScape 
has performed and rehearsed with such popular A 
Capella groups as Vote for Pedro, Swingtown, and 
Ball in the House. 


Advisor: Mr. Ward Dilmore 

With 96 members, the Strings group has performed 
for the Mayor of Huddersfield, England, The High 
Sheriff of Nottingham, The Mayor of the 3rd Ar- 
rondisement in Paris, the Lord Mayor of Dubhn, and 
the Assistant Mayor of Quebec. Traveling to Venice, 
Lucca, Assisi, and Rome this year, 85 members 
performed for local dignitaries. Prior to their tour, 
they received letters from Sens. Kennedy, Kerry, 
Mayor Menino, and Gov. Patrick for presentation 
overseas at their concerts. The group also raised 
$9,000 to donate the sign displayed on the lawn of 
the High School. 

Student Council 

Advisor: Ms. Linda Peters 

Student Counsel is a club where students participate 
in discussions about how to better WHS. They also 
do fundraising for charity organizations. This year, 
student counsel adopted a family for Christmas, 
buying a seven year old lots of presents. During 
February, heart month, they sold paper hearts with 
messages, and donated the money to the American 
Heart Association. Student Counsel is also holding 
a band showcase, with five local bands. 

Wildcat NeT^rs 

Advisor: Mrs. Joyce Beckwith and 
Mrs. Marie Shack 

The Wildcat News is the student produced news- 
paper with articles on school events and sports, 
editorials, fiction and artwork. Students also write 
articles on current political issues, local professional 
sports teams, and they review new music, books, 
television shows and films. There are also teacher 
and student interviews. 

WHS Clubs 




Advisor: Ms. Jennifer Fidler 

The yearbook is a group of dedicated students and 
a teacher advisor that works together to create the 
2006-2007 yearbook. Students worked throughtout 
the year to layout pages and take pictures from dif- 
ferent school events. The yearbook includes major 
events from the previous spring and current fall and 
winter terms. Along with the yearbook, members 
of this club help to create the CD supplement that 
contains all the spring activies including Senior 
Prom, Lock-in, and graduation. 


Class of 2007 

Advisors: Mrs. Lisa Lucia and Ms. 
Jennifer Fidler 

The Class of 2007 Officers put FUN back into 
fundraising; they spearheaded the Krispy Kreme 
sale at the Homecoming football game, a Monopoly 
Tournament, a Valentine's Day rose sale. Danielle 
Bamberg, Christine Cassim, Cara Jenkins, and 
Stefanie Williams enjoy planning and executing 
activities such as the senior/faculty basketball 
game and the prom fashion show. They make sure 
everyone is enjoying themselves, while partaking 
in all the fun as well. Thanks to the Class of 2007 
"Good Times Never Seemed So Good." 

Class of 2009 

Advisors: Mrs. Dawn Martell and 
Mrs. Linda Bavuso 

The sophomore class has many plans to earn money 
to defray the cost of the Junior and Senior Prom 
tickets. In 2006-7 we: are selling glow sticks and 
T-shirts, and of course the Freshmen Sophomore 
Spring Fling is planned for March. In addition we 
are planning a "restaurant luncheon" on an early 
release day, a breakfast at IHOP after exams one 
day, a skating/or bowling night and many others. In 
general, the officers have been working very hard 
for their class. 



WHS Clubs 

Student Representatives 
to the School Committee 

The Student Representatives are a small group 
of upperclassmen. The students go to the school 
committee meetings to report on ongoing student 
activities. If anything discussed during the meeting 
pertain directly to the student body, the students 
offer their opinion. 

Class of 2008 

Advisors: Mrs. Tara Ettinger and Ms. 
Maureen O'Mara 

The Class of 2008 officers, Louie Cimaglia, Joe 
Foley, Sarah Turner and Lauren O'Brien, have been 
busy raising money for Junior Prom. Tom Barry, 
Karen Nguyen, Krista Murphy, and Korrine Gha- 
fari worked with the officers to help raise money 
for the class. With the help of their advisors, Ms. 
O'Mara and Mrs. Ettinger, they have planned many 
fundraisers for the future. So far, the Junior Class 
has done fundraisers such as selling beads for Blue 
and White Day, pies for Thanksgiving and green 
carnations for St. Patrick's Day. 

Class of 2010 

Advisors: Mrs. Michelle Hooper and 
Ms. Tracey Kassin 

The Class of 2010 began the year with electing four 
officers- Liam Gately as Secretary, Caleb Rogers 
as Treasurer, Kyle Bernardo as Vice-President, and 
Randi Davis as President. Amanda Hollenbeck 
was appointed as Public Relations class officer 
and Cole Carter as the Club Liaison. The Spring 
Fling, a freshman/sophomore fundraiser, was held 
on Friday, March 23, 2007 and was a huge success. 
The Class of 2010 also sponsored the Talent show, 
with Expressions, on Thursday, April 5th. 

WHS Clubs 





Katie Arsenault 

Krysten Augello 

Amanda Baker 

Nick Barrasso 

Mike Barry 

Erika Belsky 

John Bishop 

Hannah Blaisdell 

Kyle Borseti 

Brianne Bozzella 

Caitlyn Bresnahan 

Ashley Bruno 

Sam Canning 

Kayla Capachietti 

Kayla Cargill 

Erin Carter 

Christine Cassim 

Daphne Chin 

Danielle Chirichiello 

Zach Church 

Zach Ciampa 

Emily Clapp 

Kerri Convery 

Tom Coughlin 

Shannell Courtois 

Leah DelRossi 

Brendan DeMango 

Jason Evans 

Shawn Fahey 

Alicia Faulkner 

Sylvia Faustino 

Richie Ferullo 

Monica Folk 

Danyel Giordano 

Cliff Hall 

Jessica Harrington 

Gaby Hauray 

Lauren Heenan 

Kristi Heffernan 

Cassie Hurley 

Christina laquinto 

Tara Jabour 

Cara Jenkins 

Katelyn Kerins 

Natasha Khan 

Anthony Khim 

Steph Knoettner 

Kelsey Kusa 




"#•> -^ 



• %« 




^^m t ^^^^^^^M 





, ^A 






1 . 

j ','.>' 



>■ .1 



^ ^ 




k « ^ 


T ^ ^««jj)k./* 





.» -' 

Alana Lacey 
Eric Legro 
Kristin Liberacki 
Mil<ayla Locke 
Christina Luciano 
Jordan Lydon 
Chris Lyon 
Sam IVIacDougall 

Kaley Maguire 
Kayla Malone 
Jill Manganelli 
Taryn Martiniello 
Josh Mayo 
Katelyn McFeeters 
Kate McGrath 
Deb Morel 

Brittany Mulrenen 
Katie Nelson 
Courtney Parsons 
CeCe Pettigrew 
Christie Presz 
Danielle Robarge 
Brittany Schofield 
Jason Serine 

Harris Shaikh 
Brendan Sheehan 
Alysha Sicari 
Dan Silva 
Laura Silverio 
Jeremiah Smith 
Maggie Sorrentino 
Mike Stewart 



Amanda Stone 
Sarah Tavares 
Sam Taylor 
Mike Thomas 
Corey Travers 
Nana Tsukamoto 
Nick Underwood 
Pradheep Vemula 

Angela Wang 
Amanda Weymouth 
Melissa Whittington 
Stef Williams 


M^n^p^q Tbu/rticifiiefit' 



Saturday, February 3, 2007, the Class of 2007 introduced the first 
WHS Monopoly Tournament to Wilmington. Students of all ages (and 
even a few adults) joined in the fun, as they competed for the title of 
Monopoly Champion. 

Senior Richie Ferullo was the big winner of the day, with Senior Jesse 
Belding close behind. Senior John Chirichiello placed third. While 
not everyone brought home money, everyone who participated was 
given a Monopoly board. 

Monopoly Tournament 




■i ^^:m- 

PffMn Faslii^H SliMif 


The Senior- Junior Prom Fashion Show was held Thursday, March 1st 
in the WHS Auditorium. Gentlemen decked out in tuxedos from Mr. 
Tux escorted ladies dressed to the nines in gowns from Jessica Mc- 
Clintock and Cache. Also, the girls' beautiful hairstyles were provided 
by The Platinum Door in Wilmington. Thanks to these four compa- 
nies and some hard work from the Senior and Junior Class officers, the 
night was a beautiful production ! 

With fashions like these, this year's prom season is sure to be great! 






One of the biggest events of the year, the Senior-Faculty Basketball 
Game, was held Thursday, March 16, 2007 in the WHS Gymnasium. 
Students and faculty watched as the Class of 2007 was brought down 
by the strength and agility (and height) of the WHS faculty. With 
numerous baskets by new math teacher, Mr. Sundberg and a key free- 
throw by Mrs.. Cosman, the teachers were unstoppable. While student 
coaches, Nick Duggan and George Boudreau, certainly gave it their 
all, in the end, the teachers showed the students how the game was 
played. Perhaps next year's seniors will reclaim the championship. 

Senior-Faculty Basketball Game 








w ^,.^-^ 



142 Candid Photographs 




1^ .— . 

JS "1 ^ 







Candid Photographs 143 


144 Candid Photographs 


>S't V ■ 

Candid Photographs 145 



'• V. ' 


" ^ ^'WwB 


y ' ^ 






146 Candid Photographs 



Candid Photographs 147 

148 Candid Photographs 



Candid Photographs 149 

-. i^ ,■! ■ J . -.if 

A' / 



We are so proud of the amazing, 
beautiful, and intelligent young 
woman you have turned into. We 
love you so much and look for- 
ward to seeing you accomplish all 
your future goals. Remember to 
never stop dreaming and reach for 
the stars. 

Mommy. Daddy, and Coley 

■V ,4 

• i 


we're very proud of you! 
love, mom and dad 


^H^ — ^.^^^L^^^^v ** ' ' \MI^ J 

Time flies, Vinny... 
and soon you will, too! 


Love, Dad, Mom, He 

other, & Rachele 


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Taryn zy)(Cartiniello 


You have filled our lives with joy 
and happiness. We are so proud of all 
you have accomplished and the per- 
son you have become. We wish you a 
future filled with love, happiness and 

Mom, Dad and Amanda 

Dearest Lee, 

Congratulations ! 
You are the most won- 
derful son any mom 
could ever have. I am 
so proud of you and 
love you. "I have great 
confidence in you." 


Fm so proud of 

all of your 

accomplishments . 



To "Princess Mikayla" 

The moment our httle Princess was bom, 

You gave us nothing but Joy, 

Your smile, your laugh, and sense of humor had us from the start. 

We knew you would achieve everything you set your mind to, 

No matter how difficult things got. 

Your way of looking at life is remarkable. 

You have made us extremely proud 

And we cherish every moment. 

Congratulations on your graduation. 

We Love You, 
Mom, Dad, and Briana 

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As you go off into the world; remember you wdl always be in our hearts. We have 
watched you grow and mature into a beautiful person. You have love and compassion 
for your fellow man. Stay true to yourself 

Good things come to good people! Your hard work and dedication will get you through 
lifers ups and downs. Should you feel the need for a shoulder to lean on, please remem- 
ber we are here for you. 

We love the person you are. We are so proud to have you as our daughter. Good luck 
on the journey known as "Life^\ Congratulations and best wishes for your continued 


Mom^ Dad; and Michael 

"We Love You" 
Honey SC Coco 


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k '^. . \ 

r> ' .^ 

Congratulations, Alyssa!! 

We're so proud of you! 
Follow your dreams... 

Mom, Dad, David & Derek 

Samantha "Babe" 

Reach for the stars ! 

Believe in your dreams! 

We love you <3 

Congrats ! 

Love, Mom & Daddy 



Kara Jean Berg 


It seems like only yesterday we were 
getting ready to begin school and em- 
bark on a new chapter in your young 
life. Now you are graduating, and we 
are so proud of the choices you have 
made and the young woman you have 
become. Work hard, enjoy life, and 
remember you can achieve anything 
you set your mind to. 

We love you and will always be there 
for you. 

Mom & Dad 

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Always remember to enjoy Life! 

( w hipped cream tattoo's on your Birthday) 

Congratulations ! 

Love you Always 
Auntie Linda. Uncle Tom 

Jenn. Tom & Nick 


We are so proud of you. You have 
M'orked hard ^ith evejything you do. 
Be proud of what you have accom- 
plished. You have set a new goal for 
yourself and we know you will succeed. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad & Erin 

Dear Kayla, 

We were blessed when you came 
into our world and now it' s your turn 
to go out into the world. Best of luck 
in the future, enjoy life, and always 
continue to be the happy, loving & 
caring person that you are. 

All our love. Dad & Mom 

The best part of our lives has been 
watching you turn into an amaz- 
ing young woman. May you alw ays 
keep your sense of w onder. Fol- 
low your dreams and reach for the 

We love you so much and you make 
us proud! 


Dad, Mom, 

Brian and Elizabeth 


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* A~■^ •■■■ \ r.L. *■ 

Congratulations ! 

We are very proud of you. 

May all your dreams come true. 


Mom, Dad 

Caitlin and Meredith 

Nick Underwood! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, & Danielle 

To our little 

^^dimple'^ boy- 

^^^^■l *^^ ^ < ' ^ 

We love you & are 

proud of the young 

man you have 


May the good lord be with you 

Down every road you roam 

And may sunshine and happiness 

Surround you when you' re far from home 

And may you grow to be proud 

Dignified and true 

And do unto others 

As you 'd have done to you 

Be courageous and be brave 

And in my heart you 'II always stay 

Forever young, forever young 

May good fortune be with you 

May your guiding light be strong 

Build a stairway to heaven 

With a prince or a vagabond 

And may you never love in vain 

And in my heart you will always remain 

Forever you, forever young 

And when you finally fly away 

ril be hoping that I served you well 

For all the wisdom of a lifetime 

No one can ever tell 

But whatever road you choose 

Vm right behind you, win or lose 

Forever young, forever young 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad 

Danny and Marc 

■ r- 


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. -' -t 

P * 

;/ .r 

r ' 

Our Beloved Ashley, 

You have made us so 
proud! Your beauty, your 
talent. & mostly your 
accomplishments ha\"e 
given us more than we 
could have ever wished 
for. We love you dearly I 

Mom. Dad. 
Mike & Nicole 


We are so proud of you and wish 

you continued success as you enter the 

next exciting phase of you life. We 

love you. 

Mom & Dad 
Casey, Meghan 
Brian & Cameron 


We are so proud of the man 
you have become. 

We love you! 
& Jesse 


^u hav^e made U5 5o proud. 

you are smart ^r\d beautiful. 

Keep on believing in yourself 

^v\d you c^v\ do anything. 

We lo^e you 

Mom ^nd V^d 


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Christina, you are, - Amazing! 

Watching you take this step 

seems all too quick for me but... 

clearly you are ready! 

I admire your accomplishments, the obstacles 

you have overcome, and the decisions you 

continue to make. 

Follow your gut, and hold on tight to 
your dreams! 



I am so proud of you. 

All my love, 



Pat McGarry 

Good Luck and God Bless, Pat. 

The Marines are getting the best - 

We are all so proud of you - 

All our love, 

Pop-Pop & Grandmama xxxxxxx 

PS. Got time for a Tarzan movie?? 

With Love and Pride to 
Pat from his Gag 

To The Best Godfather Patrick 
Love Aidan <3 

Much success in all you do #1 Godson 
Uncle Ed 

Congratulations - Lots of Love - The 

You are scandins: on a Icdse, 

ready w take the next step into your future. 

Jump in with both feet; ana your eyes wide open. 

This is an exciting time in your life. 

Enjoy it!! 

Congratulations on all your accomplishments. 
You make our world brighter. 

We love you, Mom SSDad 

We are all so very 
proud of you, Leah. 

Congratulations with 

much love from 
your family to you. 


We are all very 

oroud of the way 

you have handled 

your life with cour- 

^v tL^— ^_jJt 1 

age, dignity, and the 

strength to never 

give up. Keep on 

reaching for ev- 

erything life has to 

offer you! 

Love Always, 

Mom, Kelly, Billy, Jillian, Joey, 

Trisha, Andrew, Kristie, Jeff, 

Allison, Julia, Alyssa, and Geoffrey 

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prmd &^^d^i^ an^da(( 
Dad, /t/m, K^f^ Mi^chek & T&6^ 


Where did the years 
go? You have made us 
so proud! Follow your 
1 dreams, and always 
^ reach for the stars. We 
love you very much. 


Mom. Dad & Ryan 


We are so proud of the enthusiasm you have 
embraced with every opportunity that has been 
offered to you: France, Italy, New York, singing, 
acting, aiding others and Monopoly. We even 
enjoy our shared time: Grey's. Betty, CSI et al. 
House. Put as much enthusiasm into college and 
whatever you finally decide to do with your life 
and you will go far. We love you and want only 
the best for our girl. 

All our love, 

Mom, Rich, Meg & Richie 


Your passion for 
excellence and your 
compassion for others 
show everyday at home, in 
the classroom, on the field 
and out in the world. 

Your long road to success 
has never been easy, but it 
is possible because of your 
strength of character and 

You are never ordinary. 

You make us laugh. 

And you make us 
prouder than you can 
ever know. 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad & Chris 


You have come such a long way from the shy boy 
you once were. We are so proud of the way you 
have blossomed into adulthood. With all the volun- 
teer work that you do and all the friends you have 
made in high school, we know that you will go far 
in college and beyond. We only want what is best 
for you and for you to be happy. You are a Mo- 
nopoly champ and you will carry that over into the 
real world. We are so very proud of you and look 
forward to seeing where you go from here. 

All our love, 

Dad, Denise, Meg & Erin 


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^em^ hm>e ^ane ^ jad/ l^ul 

ConglatulaUons ! 

We are so proud of you. Not only for 

your accomplishments but more for the 

wonderful person you are, have always been, 

and continue to be. 

J^ove, mom, U)aa &l maly 


2297 Main St. Tewksbury, MA 01876 


We are so proud 
of you! 


<J)(Com, T>ad, 

Qhrintyne &^ T)a'))e 

Never one to eorqo a challenge. 

May you continue to set your sights 
to the highest level, and find the joy 
in each and every day! 

Love, Mom, Dad, Michael and Jesse 




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'^'.i -M 



Katie Arsenault, editor-in-chief 
Keni Convery, clubs editor 
Jason Evans, sports editor 
Gabrielle Hauray, events editor 

General Staff... 

Kiysten Aiigello, Amanda Baker, Danielle Bamberg , Steve 
Beek, Erika Belsky\ Matt Bibeaii, Kyle Borseti, Alyssa Brad- 
ley, Shiloh Bramantechohen, Michelle Brown, Sam Canning, 
Erin Carter, Christine Cassim, Danielle Chirichiello, Emily 
Clapp, Leah DelRossi, Katie Duncan, Richie Ferullo, Ste- 
fanie Hartka, Steph Knoettner, Serge Kuzmin, Alana Lacey, 
Ryan Earing, Jordan Lydon, Kayla Malone, Jill Manganelli, 
Tara McNabb, Emily O 'Donoghue, Courtney Parsons, Tim 
Perkins, Kate Phaup, Danielle Robarge, Michelle Saint Au- 
bin, Brittany Schofield, Dan Silva, Laura Silverio, Michael 
Thomas, Sarah Turner, Lee Joan Villafuerte, Ashley Vitale, 
David Wang, Stefanie Williams, Allison Yee 


Special Thanks... 

The WHS Hourglass Editors and Staff would 
like to thank Lisa Stone and Hilton Photogra- 
phy for their outstanding work and tenific pho- 
tographs. Thank you also to Michelle Sidwell 
and Walsworth Publishing for their assistance in 
the production of this book. 


Walsworth '''"^' 






■ " 

i 'TT-»;| 

E M 

A. The fury within 

Violence by insurgents and sects increased in Iraq despite efforts by Iraqi 
police and troops from the U.S. and other countries. More than 3,000 U.S. 
troops died in Iraq since March 2003. Iraqi authorities reported almost 1 7,000 
of their countrymen died in that period, although estimates varied greatly The 
U.N. estimated more than 1 million Iraqis fled their homes. 

B. Iraq War reexamined 

The Bush administration revised its Iraq strategy after a spike in sectarian 
violence, the results of the November elections and the Iraq Study Group 
report. Donald Rumsfeld stepped down as defense secretary a day after the 
elections; Robert Gates, a former CIA chief, stepped into the position. And 
President George W. Bush proposed an increase of more than 20,000 U.S. 
troops in Iraq. 

C. Rising again 

Rebuilding along the Gulf Coast continued following the fall 2005 
hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In New Orleans, 74 percent of all schools, 
and 49 percent of public schools, were open as of December, reported 
The Brookings Institution, a private research group. Another such group, 
Rand Corp., predicted the city's population by September 2008 would 
be 56 percent of the pre-Katrina total. 

wmmmmmmmmm 'mmmiimmmmmmm 

D. Earth burns, quakes 

Mother Nature stayed active in the fall, with an earthquake in Hawaii, 
record-setting rains and floods in the northwest U.S., and a record 
eariy October snowstorm in Buffalo, N.Y.. Five firefighters were killed in 
a wildfire in southern California that authorities determined was arson. 

E. Winter puts life on hold 

Holiday blizzards dumped as much as four feet of snow in parts 
of Colorado and Kansas. Then record warmth in the northern and 
eastern U.S. stalled skiing, ice fishing and ice hockey, but brought 
out golfers and flowers, before a massive ice storm and freezing 
temperatures gripped Texas northward to Maine. And more than 
100 inches of snow fell in upstate New York. 

F. Food safety 

E. coli bacteria appeared in produce shipped to several states, 
raising safety concerns. At least 175 people became ill after eating 
fresh spinach, and two people died. Lettuce was deemed the 
culprit when people in the Northeast U.S. became ill after eating 
at Taco Bell. 

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated 
the country grew to 300 million 
people in October. r" 

Katie Couric Decame an 
of the CBS Evening News. 

Billionaire Warren Buttet planned to 
give 85% of his Berkshire Hathaway 
fortune to philanthropic foundations. 

Freezing temperatures in 

January destroyed 75% of 

California's citrus crop. 

i'7-v,;- ; 

'f !-. 

G. Hussein gone 

Former Iraq president Saddam Hussein and other officials of his regime 
were executed for crimes against humanity after being found guilty in 
the deaths of 1 43 people from the town of Dujail in 1 982. He was hanged 
in a chamber where his regime carried out death sentence orders. 

H. 9/1 1 five years later 

Ceremonies marked the fifth anniversary of the 9/1 1 terrorist attack. 
Tributes took place at Ground Zero, where the World Trade Center 
towers once stood in New York, at the Pentagon and at Shanksville, Pa. 
Meanwhile, work continued on Freedom Tower, the skyscraper that will 
replace the World Trade Center towers. 

I. A new Congress 

Voters in the November midtemn elections gave the Democrats a majority 
in Congress for the first time in a decade. With the victory, Rep. Nancy 
Pelosi , D-Calif . , became the first female speaker of the House. The majority 
in the Senate was in jeopardy for a time because Sen. Tim Johnson, D- 
S.D., underwent brain surgery for intracerebral bleeding in December. 

J. President Ford dies 

Gerald R. Ford Jr., 93, the 38th president, died at home in California in 
December Ford was the only president and vice president never to be elected 
to those offices. He was appointed vice president by President Richard Nixon, 
and he assumed the presidency when Nixon resigned amid the Watergate 
scandal in the 1970s. Ford is remembered for pardoning Nixon. 


Which story had the greatest impact on Americans this year? 

[Iraq war: 44% 
rHTgli gasoline prices: 42% 
Immigration: 6% 
i 2006 Elections : 6% 

Survey results compiled trom reponses of 1,600 high school and middle school students across the nation. 

Construction oegan for a nev. Martin 
Luther King Jr. memorial on the 
ational Mall in Washington, D.C. 

Dow Jones industrial average 
broke 12,500 for the first time. 

Milton Friedman, Nobei Hnze-winning 
economist who defined free-market 
i economic theory, died at 94. 

Pope Benedict XVI visited Istanbui't 

Blue Mosque, only the second papal 

visit ever to a Muslim place of worship. 


K. Communities shattered 

Three school shootings in one week in the fall took the lives of nine 
people. Charles C. Robert IV entered the one-room West Nickel Mines 
Amish School in Pennsylvania and shot 1 girls, ages 6 to 13, and 
then himself. Five girls and Roberts died. In Wisconsin, a 15-year-old 
student at Weston School shot his principal, and in Bailey, Colo., a 
man shot a 16-year-old girl and himself after a standoff. 

L. Ailing leader 

Cuban officials claimed President Fidel Castro was slowly recovering from 
major surgery, and planned to return to power when he was well. Although 
Castro issued a message on New Year's Day, the 48th anniversary of 
his revolution, the fact that he had not been seen and few photos were 
released fueled speculation about the true condition of his health. 

M. Ethics charge 

Durham County, N.C., prosecutor Michael Nifong was charged 
with ethics violations in the case of three Duke University lacrosse 
teammates accused of sexual assault. The North Carolina bar filed the 
charges against Nifong, claiming he made inappropriate statements 
to the media about the suspects and DNA evidence. 

N. Continent In turmoil 

Armed conflict and starvation continued across Africa. Somalia, 
with the help of Ethiopia, fought to quell Islamic militants. The U.S. 
made airstrikes against militants thought to be hiding al Qaeda 
suspects in the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Tanzania 
and Kenya. In Sudan's Darfur region, the United Nations sought 
help for starving refugees amid fighting between rebels and 
government militia 

O. They come; should they go? 

Congress, the president and American citizens grappled with the 
emotional and economic issue of illegal immigration. The debate 
ranged from sending home all people in the U.S. illegally and 
fining employers who hire them to amnesty and a guest worker 
program. President George W. Bush signed a bill to build 700 
miles of new fencing along the U.S.-Mexican border. 

Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards, 

famous for a 1 988 Democratic 
convention speech, died in Austin. 

New York City could have an 

all-day rush hour by 2030, city 

planners and other experts said. 

Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., 

resigned after inappropriate 

emails to Congressional pages 

were brought to light. 

Cartoon characters appeared 

on fruits and vegetables to 

promote healthier eating. 


■■'■■ -\ '■•.'"* 

P. Removing trans fats 

Use of trans fats was stopped in some high-profile settings. 
New York City's health board banned them in restaurants, as did 
Universal Parks and Resorts and Walt Disney Resorts at their 
U.S. parks. Trans fats are less expensive to use, but increase 
bad cholesterol levels, a factor in heart disease. 

Q. Helping hand 

Oprah Winfrey opened a school for disadvantaged girls in South Africa, 
named the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy. Winfrey spent more than 
$40 million to build and supply the academy and helped to interview and 
select the first 152 girts to admit. The school will eventually have 450 girls. 
Winfrey plans to build a second school for boys and girls in South Africa. 

R. Spy thriller 

Interpol joined the investigation of the death of former Russian KGB agent 
Alexander Litvinenko, who died from ingesting radioactive polonium-210, 
but not before claiming Russian President Vladimir Putin was behind his 
poisoning. The Kremlin denied the accusation. The investigation strained 
the relationship between the Russian and British governments 

S. U.S. pressures Iran p^°*° ^'^^'*- ^^^'^^ ^°^'^ p^°*^ 

The United States continued to seek ways to pressure Iran to stop 
its nuclear program. The United Nations Security Council passed a« 
resolution imposing sanctions on Iran to stop uranium enrichment, 
which Iran claimed was for electricity generation and not weapons. The 
U.S. also announced sanctions against Bank Sepah, which provides » 
international banking services in the Middle East. 

T. Ask for it by name * 

Pseudoephedrine is a great decongestant when you have a cold. 
Unfortunately, it is also used to make methamphetamine, so the 
government made pharmacies take products such as Sudafed and 
Drixoral off the shelves. Now adults who want the medicine, must ask 
for it, show photo identification and sign a logbook. 


U.S. scier^^^Wied to have Ban Ki-moon of South Korea 

trained beesWBWRt explosives. became the new United Nations 

secretary-general Jan. 1 

Pop star Madonna's decision to adopt 

a Malawian boy angered child welfare 

groups but focused attention on the 

900,000 orphans in Malawi. 

Teacher Gary Weddle of Ephrata, 

Wash., stopped shaving Sept. 11, 

2001 , and will shave only after Osama 

bin Laden has been caught or killed. 




A. Indy does it 

Playing in a soggy downpounn Miami, the Indianapolis Colts won Super 
Bowl XLl by defeating the Chicago Bears, 29-17. Though the game was 
plagued by both teams fumbling in the rain, Indy quarterback Peyton 
Manning was chosen the game's MVP after leading the team to almost 
500 yards of offense. It~-was the first championship for Manning and 
coach Tony Dungy, both long considered two of the best in the game. 

r B. Italian delight 

Italy won the fourth World Cup title in the nation's history, winning a 5-3 
shootout over France in the final match, after the two teams battled to a 
1-1 draw in regulation time. The championship game was marred when 
i'bl;^^|fZinedine Zidane was ^ected for a vicious head butt. 

,C. Gator bait £^ft 

The Florida Gators chomped on Ohio State in the BCS National 
Championship Game, routing the Bucl<eyes 41 -14. Florida quarterback 
Chris Leak easily outplayed his Heisman Trophy counterpart, Ohio 
State's Troy Smith, and Florida became the first school to win a college 
football and college basketball national title in a 1 2-month span. 

D. Good-bye, Andre 

Tennis star Andre Agassi brought his competitive career to an end, 
retiring after 20 years as a pro because of various back injuries. 
Considered one of the all-time greats, Agassi was one of only five 
players in history to win ail four Grand Slam titles. 

E. Fast friends 

Golfer Tiger Woods and tennis star Roger Federer, possibly the two 
most dominant individual athletes in sports, amused the media by 
striking up a public friendship. The buddies each had a great yean 
Federer broke the record for most consecutive weeks ranked number 
one in the worid, and Woods won six tournaments in a row, including 
the British Open and the PGA Championship. 

F. It's in the Cards 

After sneaking into the playoffs with only 83 wins, the St. Louis 
Cardinals stunned the baseball worid by advancing to the World 
Series, and then promptly knocked off the Detroit Tigers in five 
games. Scrappy shortstop David Eckstein was the unlikely MVP 
for the unlikely champs. 

The U.S. men's basketball team 

struggled, losing to Greece at the 

World Championships. 

Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight 

got his 880th win, a new record for 

college basketball. 

Sports Illustrated named Miami 

Heat guard Dwayne Wade the 

Sportsman of the Year. 

G. Quite a year 

Afterf inishing second in 2003 and 2004, NASCAR driver Jimmie Johns 
finally broke through and won his first Nextei Cup championshi] 
Johnson became the first driver to win the Daytona 500, the Brickyi 
400 and the Nextei Cup all in the same season. 

H. Call It a comeback 

Coming off a year where she was plagued by a chronic knee injury 
and her world ranking plummeted, Serena Williams kicked off 2007 in 
fine comeback style by winning the Australian Open, knocking off top- 
ranked Maria Sharapova in the process. 

I. Testing troubles 

Two high-profile American athletes dealt with the fallout from failed 
perfonnance-enhancing drug tests. Cyclist Floyd Landis won the Tour 
de France, but was then stripped of the title. Sprinter Justin Gatiin, an 
Olympic Gold medalist and world record holder in the 100 meters, was 
banned from competition for eight years. 

Photo credit; (A-D, F-i) AP/Wide World Photos, (E) Getty Images 

Who is the most dominant athlete in American 
sports right now? 

Pei^fonWanning: 23% 
LeBron James: 23% 
[Tiger Woods: 18% 

Survey results compiled from reponses of 1 ,600 fiigh scfiool and middle school students across ttie r 


Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith 
won the Heisman Trophy. 

In its first year since relocating from San 
Jose, the Houston Dynamo won the * 

MLS championship. >* 

Tony Gwynn and-Cal Ripken Jr., were 
elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame 
_ j in their first try on the ballot. 





New rules dictated that basketball players could not enter the NBA 
draft until they were at least one year removed from high school. As a 
result, several highly touted players, such as Ohio State's Greg Oden, 
planned on spending at least one year playing college basketball 
before turning pro. 

K. A terrible accident 

Just days after his team was eliminated from the playoffs, New York 
Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle was killed when the small plane he was 
|co-p)loting accidentally crashed into a New York City apartment building. 
The crash also killed flight instnjctor Tyler Strange. 

L. What a flip 

Motorsports athlete Travis Pastrana stole the show at the X Games by 
becoming the first competitor to ever land a double backflip during a 
nx)torCToss competition. Even though the move won him the Freestyle MX 
gokj medal, Pastrana said he had no plans to ever try the stunt again. 


M. Coming to America 

British soccer star David Beckham surprised many by signing a deal 
to play for the Los Angeles Galaxy of MLS. Essentially a household 
name in England and throughout Europe, Beckham immediately 
provided some credibility for the American league, typically 
considered a notch below the European leagues. 

N. A lady tiger 

Mexican golfer Lorena Ochoa was named the AP Female Athlete 
of the Year after a season in which she won six tournaments on the 
LPGA tour and earned more than $2.5 million in winnings. 

O. Ouch! 

Serious youth sports injuries continued to become more common, 
especially with the continued proliferation of extreme sports like 
snowboarding and skateboarding. Doctors were concerned that 
teens who suffered knee ligament tears were becoming more 
sceptible to early arthritis. 


Kentucky Derby winning horse Barbaro 

was put to sleep after an 8-month 

ordeal from a broken leg. 

Legendary Boston Celtics coach 

Red Auerbach. who led the team 

to nine titles, died at age 89. 

The Detroit Shock won their second 
WNBA title in four years. 


P. Game off the year r 

Small school Boise State went 12-0 during the college football season, 
and then became the subject of debate by being included in the BCS. 
The team provided quite a response, l<nocking off Oi<lahoma in an 
overtime thriller in the Fiesta Bowl, both sending the game into OT and 
nen winning the game on trick plays. 

Q. The next great one? 

Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins became the youngest 
player in NHL history to score 1 00 points in a season during his rookie 
year in 2006. In 2007, the 19-year old became the youngest player 
ever voted in as a starter for the NHL Ali-Star Game. 

Photo credit: AP/Wide World Photos 


What is your favorite sport to watcli on Ty?_ 

Football: 45'f~ 


IJBasketball: 16% 
Soccer : 8% 
^Baseball: 8% 

Survey resutts compiled from reponses ol 1,600 high school and middle school sludents across the nation. 

)allas Cowboys coach Bill Parcel 
tir-ed after 20 years as a head 
coach in the NFL. 

San Diego running back Ladainian 
Tomlinson broke the NFL single-season «' 

touchdown record. 


The NBA changed-its ball for the first 
time in 23 years, from leather to a new 
synthetic material, then changed back. 



«U MV«J"J?r^ 

ralM MaMc labot • MfenMit IntafTMt B 

l^"* • \^J ■ 

S .^] 

I, ^ Sw* _;, Fmrf« ^ 


ff ivvl-±f •( 



-3 c.!^ • j» * ii 





Bfoadcasl VouiseK 

Score 1 goal to get* I- HITS' 

CocklOJCh Cuiiliollfil l.lolilK- Rohol 

A. YouTube goes Google 

The wildly popular website YouTube, which allows users to 
exchange video clips, was purchased by internet portal Google for 
$1.65 billion. The deal got mixed reviews. YouTube benefited from 
Google's global reach, but users complained when hundreds of 
copyrighted clips were removed from the site. 

B. The latest gadget 

Technology innovator Apple jumped Into the wireless phone 
business with its latest product, iPhone. Designed to combine a 
digital camera, PDA, media player and wireless phone in one device ^ 
with a touchpad screen, the iPhone cost between $500-600. 

C. A reason 


For the second straight year, cancer deaths in the U.S. dropped. 
The totals decreased by 3,014 deaths. Doctors attributed the 
success to declines in smoking, as well as earlier and more 
effective treatment of tumors. 




D. Game of choice 

Sony fired the latest salvo in the video game wars by releasing 
the PlayStation 3 device to compete with Microsoft's Xbox 360. 
With models featuring 20GB and 60GB of memory for media 
storage, Sony plugged the PS3 as much more than just a video 
game console. 

E. Save the seafood 

A group of ecologists published a study indicating that if current 
trends of overfishing and pollution continued, then the seafood 
industry faced a possible collapse by 2048. 

* cF. A new treatment 

^ The FDA approved a new drug called Gardasil, which claimed 

to be a vaccine to treat the virus that can cause cervical cancer. 
Guidelines called for the drug to be administered to girls as young 
as 1 1 or 1 2 before they become sexually active. Some conservative 
religious groups immediately voiced concern that doing so would 
promote promiscuity. 


Divers studied wreckage in North 

Carolina believed to be the ship of the 

famous pirate Blackbeard. 

Studies indicated humpback 
whales have a brain cell type seen 
only in humans, apes and dolphins. 

Due to new standards, astronomers said 
Pluto was no longer considered a planet. 


G. Lady first 

Anousheh Ansari, the co-founder of her own technology company, 
became the first female space tourist. Ansari accompanied U.S. 
astronauts and Russian cosmonauts on an eight-day mission to the 
International Space Station and became the first person to publish 
a blog from space. 

H. Race to the moon and beyond 

The U.S., Japan, Russia and China all continued renewed efforts 
to send manned missions back to the moon for the first time in 
more than 30 years, and started plotting manned missions to Mars. 
Scientists guessed that by 2020, both goals might be reached. 

I. Future fuels 

BMW became the first auto manufacturer to take a hydrogen-powered 
car into mass production by producing 100 models of the Hydrogen 
7, a car powered by pumping hydrogen into a combustion engine 
and igniting it. Meanwhile, more ethanol fuel refineries continued to 
open across the country. ,^ 

Photo credit: AP/Wide World Photos 

J. Think it, move it 

Advances in medicine allowed doctors to hone and improve artificial limbs, 
including "bionic" arms that can be controlled by impulses from the brain. The 
U.S. military began projects to research the thought-controlled arms for use 
by wounded soldiers returning home. 

What is your favorite website? 

MySpace: 33% 
Google: 9% 


A. A shocking end 

Steve Irwin, the Australian nature adventurer known worldwide as the 
"Crocodile Hunter," was tragically killed while shooting underwater 
footage for one of his popular wildlife shows. Irwin died when a 
stingray stung him, and the barb pierced his heart. 

B. Top of the list 

Hn an annual survey of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, Nicole 
Kidman landed on top for the first time by earning an average of $1 7 
million per movie. Kidman also became one-half of another high- 
profile entertainment couple, marrying country star and fellow Aussie 
Keith Urban. 

C. Almost a dream 

'Dreamgirls, a musical loosely based on the rise to fame of Motown 
'legends The Supremes, actually led all films with eight Oscar 
nominations. Surprisingly, the movie did not get a nod for Best 
; Picture. However, the music and the individual performances of stars 
■Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson were honored. 

D. Ahoy, matey! 

The Pirates of the Caribbean movie saga continued, and ruled the 
box office. The second movie in the series, Dead l\/lan's Chest, 
was easily the highest grossing movie of 2006, earning more than 
$420 million. The third, and final, installment was scheduled for 
release in the summer of 2007. 

E. Grammy haul 

The Dixie Chicks were big winners at the Grammy Awards, taking 
home five honors, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year 
and Record of the Year, it was an unexpected haul for the country 
trio, after the group drew years of criticism for its stance against 
the Iraq War. 

F. Night switch 

ABC moved medical drama Grey's Anatomy from Sunday night 
to Thursday to go head-to-head against highly rated crime show 
CSI. Both shows continued to do well. Combined, the two shows 
attracted more than 40 million viewers on Thursdays. 

G. Better together 

struggling TV networks WB and UPN merged to form a new channel 
called The CW. The fledgling new network was filled with several 
popular shows geared toward the teen audience, such as The Gilmore 
Girls, Smallville, Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill. 

H. Borat in America 

No movie made bigger waves than Borat, a comedy about the antics 
of a politically incorrect journalist from Kazakhstan who visits America. 
Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen created and played the fictitious title 
character, and received both praise for his creativity and scorn for his 
controversial material. 

Photo credit: (A-C, E-H) APAVide World Photos, (D) Disney Enterprises, (I) Warner Bros. 

i. interesting mix 

The Academy Awards produced a unique set of Best Picture nominees. The 
Departed, the winner, was about police corruption; and Letters From Iwo Jima 
was a World War II movie told from the Japanese perspective. Babel told 
the story of an American couple encountering tragedy while vacationing in 
Morocco. The other nominees were the child beauty pageant comedy Uttle 
Miss Sunshine and The Queen, a biopic on England's Queen Elizabeth II. 

What was ydur favorite 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead M an's Cliest : 9% 
Taiiadega Nights: The Legend ofRiclcy Bobby: 6% 
Borat :%% 

1 reponses of 1,600 high school and middle school students across the r 


Van Halen and REM were elected to 
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. 

Pop star Britney Spears split from 
husband Kevin Federline. 

Just two years after retiring, rapper Jay-Z made a 
comeback with the-album Kingdom Come. 


I Southern soul crooner Taylor Hicks won the fifth season of 

* American Idol, as the show's popularity continued to climb and 

I attract more viewers. The sixth season premiere in January drew 

I in 37.3 million people. 

K. Not so crazy 

Gnarls Barkley, a duo combining rapper Cee-Lo and D.J. Danger 
[JVIouse, released their first album, St. Elsewhere, and it quickly 
fbecame a hit. Known for a unique sound and tendency to perform 

in wild costumes, Gnarls Barkley's first single, "Crazy," became the 
^ most purchased song of the year. 

fL. All grown up 

-ormer boy band star Justin Timberlake continued his maturation by 
^releasing his second solo album, which sold nearly 700,000 copies in 
l^the first week. The album also broke the iTunes records for pne-orders 

and first week sales. 

M. Surprising success 

Former vice president Al Gore stepped back into the spotlight. To 
the surprise of many, Gore's documentary about the environment. 
An Inconvenient Truth, actually sold tickets to the tune of almost $40 
million. Gore's book of the same name also stayed on the New York 
Times bestseller list for several weeks. 

N. King of comedy . ^m 

Funny man Will Ferrell cemented his growing r^utation as a box 
office star with the hit Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby. 
Fetrell played the lead title role in the fictional biopic of a racecar driver that 
spoofed the vwxid of NASCAR. 

O. instant hit # % 

Disney's made-for-TV movie High School Musical sold more than 
one million copies in the first six days it was released on DVD. The 
film was popular enough that it was made into a stage show, and 
filming began on the sequa). 


'opular new TV shows included 
Heroes and Ugly Betty 

Panic! At the Disco won Video of the 
Year at the MTV Video Music Awards for 
"I Write Sins Not Tragedies." i 

Hollywood couple Tom Cruise and 
Katie Holmes got married. 


f. >■■'■ 

p. A first for everything 

Fox's real-time thriller 24 was the big winner at the Emmy Awards. 
24 was named Outstanding Drama Series, and Keifer Sutherland 
won for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Both honors were a first for 
a Fox TV show. NBC's The Office also won Outstanding Comedy 
Series for the first time. 

Q. Good-bye to the Godfather 

Known for his distinctive voice and dance moves, the "Godfather of 
soul" James Brown died at the age of 73. Other entertainers to pass 
away included Joseph Barbera, the animator who helped create Fred 
Flintstone and Scooby-Doo, R&B singer Gerald Levert, Oscar-winning 
movie director Robert Altman and Oscar-winning actor Jacl< Palance. 

R. Finally...the end 

Daniel Handler, author of the popular Lemony Snicket childrCT?!' 
books, finished the 13th and final novel in the series, appropriately 
titled The End. Ail told, the tales of the orphaned Baudelaire children 
sold more than 50 million copies during their run. 

Photo credit: AP/Wide World Photos 


What is your favorite type of music^ B ^ m 

Rock: 34% 
Rap/Hip-hop: 29% 
Country: 17% 
Alternative: 12% 

urvey results compiled from reponses of 1,600 fiigfi scfiool and middle sctiool students across tfie nation 


4 m 


For the 1 3th time in their career, Brooks & 

Dunn was named Vocal Duo of the Year at 

the Country Music Awards. 

The O.C. was cancelled at the end 
of the show's fourth season. 


"t K 

Red Hot Chili Peppers was named Best 
Band at the American Music Awards. 



A. Perk up 

More teens became caffeine consumers. Simmons Research said 
31 % of U.S. teens, or 7.6 million, drank energy drinks. The energy 
drink industry grew 80% last year, and mainly targeted males in their 
teens and 20s with their caffeine and sugar concoctions. 

B. Cursive writing outdated 

The number of students using cursive handwriting declined. Fewer 
elementary schools are teaching it, and more students are printing. 
Eighty-five percent of students who took the 2006 SAT test for college 
printed their essay answers. 

C. The '80s are back 

Long sweaters, leggings, tall boots, wide belts, big black surigtlsses 
and big jewelry - designers took 1980s fashions for women and gave 
them a twist for the new century. Untucked button shirts over tees, 
Polo shirts and cargo pants were still mainstays for the guys. And 
fashion went beyond clothes, with cell phone bling in the fonn of 
stickers, faceplates, charms and holders. 

D. Feed me 

Lunch lines moved faster thanks to technology that let parents keep funds 
in an account that the student can access. Children at some schools used 
an account number, while other students used fingerprints to make their 
purchases. Parents also saw what their children were buying. 

Photo credit: APA/Vide World Photc 

E. Get the message 

SUP? Text messaging, that's what. Texting via cell phone was cheaper 
than talking, and was used by students to check in with friends or 
remind pa ffiatet o pick them up 

What is the worst problem at your school? 

Too many rules: 24% 

Badstudent behavior that interferes with learning: 16% 
Bad food: 1 6%.^»^^..;. 

The school is so small, everyone knows everyone^s business: 1; 
^0 problems, my school is cool: 12% 

2007 Walsworth Publishing Company. All rights reser. 

Studies showed that talking on a hands-free jeen pregnancies fell to thei r towest level in 65 
cell phone while driving is equivalent to driving yga^, the Centers for Disee^^K*! reported, i 

IL-.«t^!li 'J«ll»lll.^i;//i-lllr: ;«'^ ^^llI: l<^«t »ll(^ 

- - - '. . . V V ' V- ( 







4 ,4.'. 

Good Times' 

Never See] 

ss of 2007 

So Good